Site2App – Convert WordPress Site To Android App

Site2App software converts any WordPress site into a full iOS or Android app in minutes, and it even allows you to control the content, design, colors, logos and layout of your app at the touch of a button.

The fact is that 180 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store and if you would you like a piece of that action, then Site2App is the software you need because designing apps will cost thousands of dollars in designer and developer fees.

Since the app market is almost entirely untapped in most niches, and by using Site2App you can be the first to conquer this market with slick, professional apps that work brilliantly. You can now convert your old boring WordPress sites into exciting iOS and Android apps that people really love – and tap into a completely new marketplace and traffic source.

You will be able to create astonishing apps and your apps can include – images, promotional videos, Explainer videos, blog posts, specialized pages and information, directions and maps, contact forms and much more.

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Features of Site2App WordPress Plugin

  • Simple WordPress plugin
  • Convert any WordPress site into a fully-fledged professional mobile app for both iOS and Android with just a few clicks
  • Create instant menus, graphics and touch-friendly interfaces
  • Automates everything from start to finish – creating the app and even helping you publish to both iOS and Android app stores
  • Select from our DFY templates
  • Pick your app icon and graphics
  • Simple editor lets you change anything you need
  • No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars designing slick looking apps
  • No need for hiring a designer to create a totally professional look and feel
  • No need to worry about breaking into the app market, investing thousands for zero return
  • Creates your own full mobile app within 60 seconds
  • Complete training right from installing the app to maximizing its potential
  • 100% newbie friendly with zero learning curve
  • Site2App Pro version includes tons of extra features like – the ability to add Google AdMob ads for revenue, developers license and even push notifications.

Site2App instantly converts your WordPress sites into stunning, state of the art apps that work perfectly on any phone or tablet. You can build cool, sexy, modern looking apps that are easily downloaded to phones, tablets and iPads.

This will not only make your business look great but will transform your business by opening up entirely new markets. As it helps create a new stream of income, designing incredible apps for clients who will pay you top dollar for the right app design and catapult your earnings.

All you have to do is upload Site2App WordPress plugin to your site and you’re good to go – the app turns your site into a mobile app then helps you publish it to iOS and Android app stores with just 2 clicks!

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VidGrafiX – Video Marketing Tool

Are you purchasing expensive stock videos with monthly subscriptions, where you just get some templates? There’s a new video marketing tool to step up your game. VidGrafix is a brand new robust and dynamic product that’s created for internet marketers who are fed up of buying expensive monthly subscriptions of stock video sites.

VidGrafix is your competitive edge to crush it in your niche because it contains videos, motion backgrounds, animated icons for almost any niche that you can imagine.

Video marketing is at a boom right now and If you are not completely aware of this, here are some shocking facts about video marketing:

  • 51% of internet marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos
  • 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.
  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.
  • The average CVR for websites using video is 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those that don’t use video.
  • An initial email with a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%.
  • Blog posts incorporating video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video

VidGrafix – What’s Inside This Video Marketing Tool?

Here is what you get inside VidGrafiX for a small one-time payment:

  • 50,000+ HD Stock Images
  • 1500 Super HD Videos
  • 1000+ HD Videos
  • 750+ 4K HD Videos
  • 10000+ Animated Graphics
  • 1500+ High Quality Audio Tracks
  • 1500+ Motion Background Videos
  • 3000+ HQ Clipart
  • 25,000+ Vector Graphics (SVG and PNG format)
  • Whiteboard Characters
  • Use in Unlimited Video Projects
  • Unlimited Commercial License
vidgrafix video marketing tool

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Advantages Of Using VidGrafix

With VidGrafix now you can:

  • Stand out from rest of the crowd
  • Dominate your competition by making better quality videos using VidGrafiX
  • Never fall short of fresh, creative and ready to use graphics for your outstanding ideas
  • By being unique you get more leads and sales
  • Break the template limitation of other video softwares
  • Go beyond your imagination to power your Ideas
  • Never buy another graphic asset online
  • Works for every niche that’s present online
  • Give a complete new life to your content
  • Use it for clients projects using the special commercial license
  • No need to save data files to your hard drive
  • VidGrafix is available for a low one time fees
  • Stop paying monthly for video template clubs

It’s absolutely insane what VidGrafix can do for your video marketing. If you are not leveraging this video marketing tool, then you are missing out big time.

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Stand out from rest of the crowd
Dominate your competition by making better quality videos using VidGrafiX
Never fall short of fresh, creative and ready to use graphics for your outstanding ideas
By being unique you get more leads and sales
Break the template limitation of other video softwares
Go beyond your imagination to power your Ideas
Never buy another graphic asset online
Works for every niche that’s present online
Give a complete new life to your content
Use it for clients projects using the special commercial license
No need to save data files to your hard drive
VidGrafix is available for a low one time fees
Stop paying monthly for video template clubs

PushPrime – Best Push Notification App

PushPrime is the best push notification app in the market. In case you are not familiar with push notifications, they are not opt-in forms but basically small option boxes that pop up at the top of the web browser window asking to send you updates when you visit a website, blog or online store. If you are running a blog, an ecom website, or sell any kind of products or services online, then you need push notifications.

What you may not be aware is that there are hundreds of top companies that are making a killing by using these push notifications.

They make a killing not just by sending notifications to their visitors’ web browser on their desktop computer or laptop, but also by sending notifications directly to the browsers on their smart phones as well!

Since you know that most people hardly ever put their smart phones down, imagine if you could grab these people’s attention with the click of a button?

Well now it’s possible with the best push notification app – PushPrime, which grabs your visitor’s attention, engages them, and then keeps putting your messages in front of them.

While PushPrime is not the first push notification app on the market, it definitely is the best one.

Why PushPrime Is The Best Push Notification App ?

  • It easily generates more subscribers and buyers.
  • Un-blockable push notifications – Just imagine being possible to send push notifications to any of the popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) without the interference of some nasty popup blockers or Ad blockers.
  • It doesn’t matter if your website is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, all types are covered.
  • Ability to skip past the annoying spam filters and finally get your marketing messages to the masses.
  • Forget sending out emails and then hoping and praying that they actually get opened and read. With PrimePush App, people will see your messages in real-time – Instantly.
  • Geographical and lingual targeting for pinpointing the exact people you want to target.
  • Segmentation and A/B testing, so you can refine notifications to get the highest conversions possible.
  • Real time analytics so you know what’s working and what’s not.
  • Possibilities are endless! Many companies are making use of push notifications to boost their bottom line, increase click through and conversions, and even getting their customers to complete their shopping cart orders!
  • Because PushPrime is the only one that allows for you to get up and running quickly with a ton of incredible features regardless of your technological skill level.

You can watch a full working demo of this #1 push notification app at the link below,

Best Push Notification App – Watch The Full Working Demo Video

pushprime push notification app

You need to add PushPrime to your arsenal of internet marketing tools if you want to be able to boost your sales and profits. It’s the #1 push notification app that’s not effected by popup blockers or ad blockers and will get you more clicks, subscribers, customers, and profits… all done with the click of a button!

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Viraleze – Instagram Marketing Training Plus Scheduling App

If you have tried Instagram marketing and failed, then Viraleze – a highly reliable Instagram scheduling app is a must have for you.

Did you know that Instagram is the only social media platform that gives you more than 90% organic reach. It has 10 X more engagement than Facebook, 58 X more engagement than PinTerest and 84 X more engagement than Twitter. So, If you want to start making money by managing Instagram accounts, or if you just want to be more productive managing your own Instagram account, then continue reading….

Viraleze is a highly efficient Instagram marketing tool that arms you with some evergreen Instagram hacks and you will learn how to earn through Instagram and will help you automate your growth and earnings. This system will provide you with all the necessary training to crush it on Instagram for your own business or for your clients (or for both). You don’t need to have any prior experience. You will learn everything from the basics of Instagram marketing to earning full time from this social media platform, along with Instagram Scheduling app especially designed to automate your efforts. You just need to be willing to do.

Viraleze – Learn Instagram Marketing Automation

Features of Instagram Automation App – Here is a quick heads up about what you are getting by investing in this Instagram marketing tool :

As soon as you signup for Viraleze you will get a series of  exclusive Instagram Marketing training created from scratch, that will help you learn the hidden secrets of Instagram marketing and a Scheduling SAAS App that allows you to auto post to Instagram, schedule and manage your Instagram accounts at the same time. This helps you save time managing multiple Instagram accounts.

viraleze instagram marketing app

Instagram Marketing Training – Here’s what is included

Viraleze Training includes 7 modules which has step by step videos to become an Instagram Marketing Expert

  1. Basics of Instagram Marketing: You need to get the basics right to explode your growth on Instagram, so we’ll start from there.
  2. Content Creation: You will learn what content you should create to keep your audience engaged.
  3. Growth Hacks: You will learn all the tested and working methods to skyrocket your growth and your organic reach without spending a dime on Ads.
  4. How to Leverage Instagram Stories and Go Live: In this Module of Viraleze, we will Dive deep into Stories and live streaming. I see people doing it wrong everyday, I don’t want you to be one of them.
  5. How to Increase Organic reach: This One is Gold. You will Learn the exact method we use to push our organic reach to as high as 95%
  6. How to make money from Instagram: Learning is waste if you cannot execute it to make money. In this module, we will teach you some methods that will help you to make money from Instagram.
  7. How to generate traffic: In this module, you will learn how you can use all the engagement for your, or your client’s business to generate traffic and sales.

Watch Viraleze Instagram Training Video Here!

Viraleze Scheduler App – Here’s what you get

  • Viraleze Scheduler opens up your Instagram control directly on your desktop! You can Post and Schedule UNLIMITED Instagram Images, Videos, Stories, Albums (Images, Videos) directly from desktop – Completely on autopilot.
  • Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously – allows you to post to your Instagram accounts simultaneously. As you add content to your Instagram, Scheduler automatically posts the same content to your other accounts.
  • World’s most innovative Drag & Drop Media Upload System – Just Drag & Drop your media that takes only seconds and it will be ready to post without any hassle and in a complete user-friendly way.
  • Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed code –  Upload any Public Instagram posts on your Instagram account directly from post url or Embed Code. You just need to copy and paste the url & Scheduler will repost the content.
  • Emoji Integration – seamlessly integrated Emoji system.
  • Automatic Timezone and Language detection – Whatever your location is, Just select your time zone & language and it will schedule your whole months task and will be posted at your scheduled time.
  • Multilingual ready – With Viraleze you can choose any top languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and the dashboard will be completely converted into your selected language, this helps you to connect with your audience globally.
  • Live Dashboard Preview – shows preview of your content (Images/Videos/Stories), Captions, Emojis, Hashtags inside the dashboard posting so that you can see how amazing your content is going to post.
  • Automatic image resize/crop feature – Automatically resizes the Images to match Instagram’s aspect ratios so that it can fit to screen.
  • Caption Templates – You can save your captions as much as you want & use it again and again for your next posts.
  • Proxy Support – proxy is used in case your server is not in the same place so that every Instagram user can use Viraleze Scheduler without any fear and any Instagram restrictions.
  • Modern, Easy-to-use, Mobile Responsive User Interface – Has modern, beautiful & mobile responsive UI.
  • Complete Statistics – summary of every Instagram account you have added and posts scheduled by the Scheduler inside the dashboard.

Viraleze System trains people who are new to Instagram marketing or for those who are doing it wrong on Instagram. This training will help anyone from the beginner level to the advanced level to get better results on Instagram. The system empowers you to monetize Instagram marketing like no one has ever been able to do before and that too on complete autopilot.

Automate Instagram Marketing With Viraleze Now!

Social Kickstart – Social Media Marketing Software

Social Kickstart is the #1 social media marketing software with which you can increase your social reach, presence and traffic from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meme Searches, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google News, and more.

By using Social Kickstart you can now get more free exposure and traffic with Facebook LIVE video casts. Facebook gives top news feed priority and rank to Live Videos compared to any other type of content posted on their platform.

This #1 social media marketing software takes advantage of this feature and so you can go Live using prerecorded videos that you can schedule either weeks or months ahead in advance to be broadcasted as “LIVE” post on Facebook.

You can use any video and push it Live to your audience and then, watch as Facebook sends your fans or friends a notification as soon you go LIVE, instantly boosting your views, comments, and shares. It’s all automated for you.

Social Kickstart Social Media Marketing Software let’s you:

  • Publish content to your Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with the click of a button.
  • Finds content from Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google News, Meme Search (and more) that has proven to go viral (showing past likes, shares, comments) – and reposts or curates it to your own Facebook fan pages or groups.
  • With Automated Drip Scheduler it schedules literally weeks or months worth of viral content in a matter of minutes for massive time savings.
  • Manages your Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups, feeds, comments, and rapidly grows your traffic, leads and entire social presence from a single location.
  • Facebook Drag-n-Drop Ad Maker – lets you create high-converting, eye-popping Ad images from one location.
  • Access to TeeSpring Research and Retargeting Tool
  • Detailed Analytics and Social Insights
  • 100% web-based. So there is nothing to download or install and you can access it on any device from anywhere.

Social Kickstart – Watch How To Increase Your Social Reach, Presence, And Traffic Here!

social kickstart
Social Kickstart completely streamlines every aspect of your social media management in minutes. So stop spending hours and hours managing your social media marketing and click the link below to get started now!

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