WP TWIN ~ Buy Best Software To Clone WordPress Site

WP Twin is the best software to clone WordPress site. In fact it clones anything and everything WordPress. If under any circumstance your WordPress site gets hacked, is malware infected or is down due to server crashes and various other failures, it can be brought up and running again, in a matter of just minutes.

This powerful cloud based app allows you to quickly make an unlimited backup and then restore an entire WordPress site, including all WP plugins, themes, posts and pages, media, WP core, configurations and settings, databases… on any domain you wish on from any device, no matter how large or complicated the WP site is. With over 2 million clone deployments so far, it’s the only backup, restore, move and clone software tool that you will ever need.

Buy WP Twin Here – The most powerful clone software that’s available today for WordPress site, which allows you to:

  1. Clone your entire WordPress website including – Your posts and pages, active and inactive WP themes, Apps and plugins, content, data, media, comments, user accounts and settings, WordPress core and database.
  2. Restores cloned websites in seconds – just upload your clone file and click on deploy.
  3. Move your WP sites from one hosting provider to a new host or domain with ease – Hassle free site migration.
  4. Clone Full Membership Sites – It doesn’t really matter if you use any membership site builder. You can now clone everything for a new product with one click!
  5. ‘SET & FORGET’ backup add-on that will backup your site on AUTOPILOT at intervals as set by you.
  6. Clones the biggest and most sophisticated websites in seconds without any crashing or time-outs.
  7. Avoids the manual process of creating niche sites. You can now create affiliate websites or local business websites for clients by cloning successful sites and ranking them for various long tail keywords with just a couple of clicks.

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WP TwinWP Twin is no doubt the best backup, restore, migration and clone software for WordPress sites today.

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Author: Sudi Cheng

Online marketer, blogger and SEO specialist