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Rank Hijack is a new ranking software that’s meant for easy and fastest way to get ranked in Google. All it does is get free targeted traffic from some of the top domain authority websites in Google. It actually steals traffic (legitimately) from top authority websites like Facebook, Instagram, Scribd, Tumblr and many more using sneaky tactics which is completely legal and untapped. This brand new software puts you in control, and lets you create customized campaigns that you’ll know very much in advance that it will drive traffic to your offers.

Rank Hijack Parasite SEO ranking software let’s you to:

  1. Find an opportunity in your target niche
  2. Downloads the contents and Re-writes it better than it was before
  3. Uploads the new contents to the same top domain authority website as the original
  4. Points a few back links at it
  5. Outranks the original and you get all that free traffic

It’s called ‘Parasite SEO’ or simply put – this is when you setup a web page on one of these high domain authority websites with your own content to rank and drive the free targeted traffic from Google for yourself.

These kind of high DA websites do want and need your content, so it’s absolutely legitimate and you’re not going to be penalized by Google for doing this. There are a number high domain authority websites that you can use to rank your content by taking advantage of their domain authority to generate targeted traffic to your benefit, all you just need is a way of discovering them, which is exactly what Rank Hijack SaaS does that job for you.

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