FlickGIF ~ Best Animated GIF Creator Software

FlickGIF is an animated GIF creator software that has a lot of new features for doing critical things that does not exist in any other GIF creator software.

Animated GIFs can get you amazing results but to achieve such results you need to be able to make GIFs that stand out from the rest. Hugely successful animated GIF images not only add text but also focus viewer’s attention with pan & zoom, add effect, and have animated stickers added on top. However, without the right and best software, creating such animated GIF’s is a difficult and time consuming process that could take hours to make and requires both technical or design expertise, or it could cost about $100 for creation of just a single animated GIF if it’s outsourced.

However, with the brand new and powerful FlickGIF software, it makes it super easy and fast to create animated GIF. You get fascinating, eye catching GIF’s which your audience will love, that’s perfect for product presentations, emails, viral distribution and so much more. Checkout some of the best features of this animated GIF software below:
FlickGIF Animated GIF Creator Software Best Features:

  1. The first and only GIF creator software that does critical new things that other creators don’t do at all plus it has all important features from all other GIF creators.
  2. Ken Burns effect, pan & zoom, ability to add SWF flash animated sticker or any flash animation on top of GIF
  3. Create a GIF in black & white, flip it, play in reverse, and even bounce animation playback back and forth instead of loop.
  4. Allows you to crop video & GIF within FlickGIF
  5. Create GIF’s from video and then add text, image, animated flash sticker, effect, and pan & zoom to it.
  6. Not only does it create GIF from video, but from a set of images too.
  7. Export videos in both GIF and VIDEO formats – very critical when posting to Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Does portrait, square and any custom dimension export for both GIF and Video formats
  9. Ability to import already done GIF and add all features to it – No other GIF creator does this( requires a FlickGIF Pro upgrade)
  10. GIF to looped MP4 video Converter – allows you to get already viral GIFs and convert them to looped MP4 to be uploaded to Instagram and FaceBook (requires Pro upgrade)
  11. Attract more clicks, likes, shares, pins, and tweets and gives you total advantage over your competitors
  12. Absolutely no technical or design skills are needed. You’ll be comfortable with the software within the first 15 minutes.

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flickgifSince FlickGIF allows you to use Adobe Flash animations as stickers, it provides you instant access to millions of existing flash animations in almost any niche.

All it requires is 3 steps to make amazing animated GIFs with FlickGIF software —> Import a video or set of images >> Select options >> Render and you’re done. It’s that fast and easy!

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Author: Sudi Cheng

Online marketer, blogger and SEO specialist