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The newest rage in social media – Live Casting is taking over the world and LiveCaster, the brand new and best live casting software can really get you organic traffic from Facebook and YouTube.

Both, Facebook and YouTube are putting a huge emphasis on live videos, and they offer the largest audience. And if you are not tapping into this current trend that live videos have among social media audiences, then you are really missing out on a very huge share of organic traffic.

In fact, with this powerful livecast App you don’t have to go live to livestream an event. All you need to do is take prerecorded videos and stream that LIVE on Facebook or YouTube with LiveCaster.
LiveCaster LIVE CASTING software allows you to:

  1. Cast pre-recorded videos as LIVE to Facebook Personal feed, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups
  2. Livecast to YouTube channels
  3. Powerful Scheduling – You can upload any video you have as live now or schedule at any time you want without being there. With just one click schedule your videos as LIVE.
  4. No need to go live to livecast an event
  5. Get more exposure and engagement for your videos as you go LIVE
  6. Cast videos directly from your computer and get best SEO results and rankings. Link up your livestream videos with trending keywords and gain higher rankings
  7. Get massive organic traffic from Facebook and YouTube
  8. Ability to cast multiple videos ( two or three videos) simultaneously
  9. Ability to select playback quality depending on your internet connection speed
  10. Supports and converts from a variety of video formats and resolutions.
  11. No complexities involved in creating and casting a live event. No need of having to face camera, rehearse, or use any other software or stream keys for Facebook. LiveCaster streams directly to Facebook without any complicated setup
  12. Desktop app. Not cloud based. Software will be up and running within 5 minutes.
  13. Easy and simple to use interface.

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LiveCaster is the best live casting software made for Facebook and YouTube. LiveStream to FB and YT simultaneously without going LIVE and with this Livestreaming app you get more traffic like never before.

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