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A number of affiliates are aware that offering a bonus along with any promotion will generate bigger commissions and higher sales. It’s a fact that, two super affiliates who tested this extensively have found that offering a bonus will quintuple your commissions. Yes, that’s right: you can make 5X more cash if you offer a bonus with your promotion!

Even though offering a bonus puts more cash in your pocket, it’s definitely not easy cash. You need to create bonus pages. Doing this right takes lot of time, skill and money. Not everybody will have the resources to create the kind of professional pages that can boost conversions.

Not until now!

Introducing – Commission Gorilla, an incredible software system that literally creates high-response bonus offer pages, delivery pages and more – all done easily using simple drag and drop technology.

Here’s a quick review of some of the best features of this software:

  • Point & Click WYSIWYG Editor.
    Forget about coding or designing – You don’t need to know anything about that. All you gotta do is point and click your mouse to stunning, high-converting bonus offer pages. You have the ability to drag in images, insert videos and also create custom, high-impact call to action buttons. You won’t find a better way to create beautiful web pages!
  • Bonus Library.
    If you’re like many affiliates who frequently like to reuse bonuses, then this software makes it very easy. It allows you build and store bonus building blocks inside the bonus library. You can then just drag and drop these bonuses into your bonus pages. The more you use Commission Gorilla, the faster you’ll be able to create pages especially if you use the bonus library!
  • Free Hosting Of Bonus Offer Pages.
    If you don’t have a website,no problem. Commission Gorilla will host your bonus offer pages at no extra charges. Or you have the option to upload them to your site directly. It even includes a plug-in that makes uploading pages to a WordPress site a breeze.
  • Save Time With Automated Bonus Delivery.
    While creating bonus page, Commission Gorilla creates delivery page at the same time. You can even drag and drop in pre-written text to create pages even faster. This is a huge time saver, which means a lot during a fast-moving product launch!
  • Clone Pages Fast.
    Once a high-performing promotion page is created, then all you gotta do is click the mouse to clone the page, tweak it for another offer, and the bonus page will be ready in minutes (rather than hours). It’s so easy and fast!
  • Built-In Dashboard Stats.
    When you log-in, you’ll be able to track high-performing pages just by looking at the built-in stats. So you’ll know what pages works for sure!
  • Social Share Buttons.
    By using the built-in social share buttons, promoting your new bonus page becomes very easy. You can build your page and start promoting it. You can also drag and drop these social share buttons into bonus pages for your visitors to use!

The list of more cool features keeps going since you get other features that includes attention bars, exit pop-ups and countdown timers which make the most of your traffic and increases your conversion rates.

You’ll even get a cool collection of DFY bonuses to use during your very next promotion!

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commission gorillaMost HTML editors available today are difficult to use, have a big learning curve, and they’re not specifically designed for creating direct-response sales pages.

Commission Gorilla is totally different, since it’s designed with affiliate marketers in mind. What ever is your skill level or background, you too can point and click your way to creating high-converting bonus offer pages!

While the software is perfect for creating affiliate bonus pages, it isn’t just for affiliates. You can also use it to create bonus pages for your own products. It can also be used to create bonuses, coupons or other special offers for other online or offline business. It’s even flexible enough for creating contest pages, lead pages and lot’s more.

The best part of this software is…

  • You don’t need any design skills and don’t need to know any coding.
  • You don’t require a massive budget and need not hire a designer.
  • If you opt for the Pro version, you’ll receive super power up add-on features too!

The bottom line is you won’t find anything better than Commission Gorilla to get your bonus pages up and running fast. I would give this software a two thumbs rating since it’s the fastest and easiest way to get your promotion pages up and running.

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