FB Engagr – Facebook Poll Builder Software

FB Engagr is a brand new powerful cloud based software that beats Facebook at its own game by using curiosity to attract your best prospects, then convert them into potential leads and buyers.

FB is huge, popular, greedy and is becoming more of a “pay to play” model with every update. So if you need a share of its massive traffic, you have to be ready to shell out some serious cash for ads.

Facebook grew so fast because of human psychology. People are very curious – and FB got so big by tapping into that curiosity. Now you too can use the same trick and do the same, without ever paying for Facebook ads by using FB Engagr.

FB Engagr is the first Facebook Poll Builder in the market that will allow you to create automated interactive poll campaigns to capture leads and engage your audience on Facebook, resulting in massive sales and buyers on demand all 100% free!

FB Engagr – Facebook Engagement Software

 Best Features Of FB Engagr :

  • Build eye-catching poll campaigns on Facebook
  • Ready made campaign templates in various niches – Included templates and automation lets you set up profitable campaigns in just minutes, which can be scaled with re-targeting and post boosts when you’re ready
  • Autoresponder Integration – Automatic response with sales messages to every potential lead that comments on your poll campaign.
  • FB Engagr has the ability to collect leads, build customer list, sell products and go viral on social media instantly
  • Autopost to all Facebook fanpages and profiles
  • Get access to over 20 million High Quality photos in image library
  • Online image editor
  • Poll and vote stats
  • Click through action builder
  • Software uses the same psychological triggers as FB, and is update-proof.
  • Powerful cloud based software works in any niche
  • FB Engagr can be used by affiliate marketers, Amazon product sellers, bloggers, local business owners, product owners, Shopify store owners and even for coaching, webinars and t-shirt marketing.

Watch FB Engagr Demo Video Here!

fb engagrWith millions of buyers on Facebook, getting the attention of your target audience on FB is like screaming for attention in a noisy market. That’s because of the outdated technology and methods being used.

With FB Engagr you can quickly capture your target audience while scrolling through their news-feed and in return generate leads, sales and repeated buyers.

Generate Leads And Sales With FB Engagr Now!

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