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Finding and qualifying leads is the toughest and the most time consuming part of all sales roles in any business. Discover App is a smart piece of software that not only finds ideal customers for you, but approaches them automatically, follows them up and makes sales for your business 24/7.

Discover App has been released by long term software entrepreneur Walt Bayliss. The software can be set to run completely on autopilot for finding leads, following them up, and closing sales for you…with the process repeating again and again, thus making it the most advanced lead generation and sales automation software that has ever been released.

Discover Software – Sales Automation Software That Brings Leads And Sales Best Features:

  • Never seen before lead generation software that delivers you high quality leads for FREE
  • In any bussiness, for any sale to happen, followup is utmost important. Discover App finds and filters your best prospects and automates the whole followup process so that no leads are lost.
  • Search and analyse function with the ability to automatically search and load an auto-responder
  • Increases conversions by responding to 100% of your new leads INSTANTLY
  • Finds, automates and organizes information at your fingertips within minutes
  • Automatically shows you gaps in your new lead’s online presence – putting you in the power selling position
  • Automatically adds your fresh new leads to your chosen auto-responder, CRM or Webinar platform and making all the selling for you.
  • Discover automates your complete selling process – Following up with all of your prospects and leads – Selling your services & products completely on autopilot.
  • Discover App is similar to having an entire sales team working non-stop for you

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discover appDiscover App is one of the most incredible and valuable software tools that delivers leads and sales completely on Autopilot. The software not just finds leads for you, but completely automates the sales process by sending approach emails, even following them up for you all the way to a sales conclusion. And it does it 24/7 without excuses and the results are incredible.

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