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Social Kickstart is the #1 social media marketing software with which you can increase your social reach, presence and traffic from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meme Searches, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google News, and more.

By using Social Kickstart you can now get more free exposure and traffic with Facebook LIVE video casts. Facebook gives top news feed priority and rank to Live Videos compared to any other type of content posted on their platform.

This #1 social media marketing software takes advantage of this feature and so you can go Live using prerecorded videos that you can schedule either weeks or months ahead in advance to be broadcasted as “LIVE” post on Facebook.

You can use any video and push it Live to your audience and then, watch as Facebook sends your fans or friends a notification as soon you go LIVE, instantly boosting your views, comments, and shares. It’s all automated for you.

Social Kickstart Social Media Marketing App

This social media marketing app let’s you:

  • Publish content to your Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with the click of a button.
  • Finds content from Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google News, Meme Search (and more) that has proven to go viral (showing past likes, shares, comments) – and reposts or curates it to your own Facebook fan pages or groups.
  • With Automated Drip Scheduler it schedules literally weeks or months worth of viral content in a matter of minutes for massive time savings.
  • Manages your Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups, feeds, comments, and rapidly grows your traffic, leads and entire social presence from a single location.
  • Facebook Drag-n-Drop Ad Maker – lets you create high-converting, eye-popping Ad images from one location.
  • Access to TeeSpring Research and Retargeting Tool
  • Detailed Analytics and Social Insights
  • 100% web-based. So there is nothing to download or install and you can access it on any device from anywhere.

Social Kickstart – Watch How To Increase Your Social Reach, Presence, And Traffic Here!

Social Kickstart completely streamlines every aspect of your social media management in minutes. So stop spending hours and hours managing your social media marketing and click the link below to get started now!

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing With Social Kickstart Now!

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