SyndBuddy Review

SyndBuddy is a brand new web-based software that will allow you to get page 1 rankings for your videos in under 48 hours, which in turn gets you more website traffic and increase in sales of your products or services.

It uses the power of real social signals and the authority of YouTube to boost your videos to page 1 of Google. The principle behind this software is very simple – You bring together a group of people who also depend on videos to get traffic and everyone agrees to socially share, like and view each other’s videos.

SyndBuddy is nothing but the scaled up and automated version of this social exchange platform that brings in free, targeted and buyer-traffic to your videos and websites.
SyndBuddy Review Of Website And Video Ranking Software

This web based app gets you:

  • Real views from real people from different locations from around the world on unique IP addresses, which is the key factor to ranking on Google and Youtube thereby shooting up your rankings like crazy
  • Real Google +1 shares to your videos and websites – Since +1’s are needed to get organic traffic from Google and Youtube, it’s built-in right into Syndbuddy software giving you the ability to legally use Google’s own social network site against them to get all Page 1 rankings
  • Real Facebook “Likes” and Shares to your websites and videos – When it comes to rankings, Google places a lot of weight on social media. When your content gets hundreds of shares quickly, you’ll get hordes of views you can never imagine
  • Real tweets to your content from hundreds of unique profiles which will affect your social presence immediately equating to hundreds of powerful social backlinks
  • Bookmarks being one of the most powerful syndication strategies, you get real social bookmark syndications from high authority sites like Diigo, KiwiBox, Plurk, Medium, SkyRock and many more
  • Real web 2.0 syndications from hundreds of people posting your content and linking to your sites from all the top web 2.0 sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Instapaper, Joomla and many more. It’s like having a huge private web 2.0 blog network
  • Real Video Views – SyndBuddy has powerful built-in features to boost video views. You’ll be able to get real views to videos from people all around the world on different IP addresses, giving a boost to video rankings
  • Universal Access – web-based app – nothing to download or install, just login and access from any internet device
  • Step-by-step video training on how to use the software

Watch SyndBuddy Demo Video Here!

SyndBuddy automates the entire process of page 1 Rankings by leveraging the power of real social signals, Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Google +1 shares, Twitter tweets, social bookmark syndications, web 2.0 syndications for your websites and videos by getting unlimited amount of free targeted visitors from Google.

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Free SEO Training Videos By SEO Blogger Matthew Woodward

Do you want to know how to increase search engine rankings and traffic for any website in any niche? If yes, I recommend you watch the free SEO training videos by multi award winning SEO blogger Matthew Woodward.

In these mind blowing series of videos, Matthew Woodward teaches link building strategy behind some of the most competitive niches in SEO. With an awesome content to boost, Matthew’s SEO training has won multiple awards and this trend follows with the free videos he offers here where he reveals the SEO ranking secrets behind the most competitive niches.

So, this free SEO training videos are perfect for anyone who wants to increase their organic search traffic.

What You Learn From Free SEO Training Videos By Matthew Woodward

Across 4 videos in this new free training series you are going to learn:

    1. Link Building Strategy – Reveals the link building strategy that he is using to deliver huge results in the most competitive niches and shows you how to take advantage of the most powerful backlink on the planet to increase search rankings for any website and in any niche. This video training is backed up with an SEO case study of a $16 million e-commerce site, by logging into Google Analytics and Google Search Console live. This e-commerce site that sells high end home ware items online and ranks for competitive category terms along with individual product pages. In this case, search traffic from Google has increased from 12,000 visitors per month to 60,000 visitors per month.
    2. Shows you – step by step of how exactly to execute the strategy. This includes two exclusive bonus downloads to help you through the entire process. All of this is backed up by an SEO case study of a website in the video games niche. With access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console live you can see traffic on this video games website climb from 8,000 visitors per month to 230,000 visitors per month.
    3. Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes you make while executing this strategy. Also includes three incredible SEO case studies from highly competitive niches – personal finance, payday loan and gambling.
    4. At the end of the free SEO training video series you will have the knowledge to increase search traffic for any website in any of the niches. You would have learnt how to apply this strategy to all of your websites. You will surely gain more knowledge about ranking websites than 90% of other people who are into SEO.

Other than free training videos from this award winning SEO blogger, you also get to:

  1. Download Matthew Woodward’s personal SEO checklist
  2. Incredible SEO ranking case studies – Matthew will be logging into Google Analytics and Google Search Console to show you all that’s behind the scenes.

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free SEO training videos by Matthew WoodwardMatthew Woodward has helped hundreds of people reach their SEO success and this 4 part series of his free SEO training videos is by far the best content he has ever produced and is getting incredible feedback.

So don’t be the one to be left behind, since these SEO and link building strategies can help get your websites on page 1 of Google search for all your keywords. Click the link below to get your free SEO videos now!

Free SEO Video Training Series By Matthew Woodward

Backlink Machine – WordPress Backlink Plugin To Rank High On Search Engines

If you have WordPress blogs or websites that are not ranking high on Google, Bing or Yahoo, then you need Backlink Machine, a WordPress backlink plugin to rank high on search engines.

Ever since the advent of search engines and SEO, backlinks have been one of the most important search engine optimization factors to rank websites higher in the SERP.

Having a good number of quality backlinks to your websites will rank your sites higher than your competitors. However, building backlinks has been the hardest part of any SEO. By installing this 1-Click SEO plugin on your WP website, Backlink Machine automatically builds backlinks for every single blog post, page and article on your WordPress site.

Backlink Machine WordPress Backlink Plugin TOP Features :

  • Full Automation – can automatically build backlinks to any new blog post published on your WordPress website completely on auto-pilot
  • WordPress backlink plugin that can build links to all your blog posts with the push of a button – with just 1 click all links will be delivered within 48hrs.
  • Get backlinks from a network of 5000 niche blogs, links from all these blogs are 100% safe
  • Build backlinks without outsourcing or hiring expensive SEO agencies
  • Define any number of anchor text for your links
  • Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days so it looks natural
  • Automatic indexing of all your backlinks
  • Use on unlimited WordPress blogs and sites
  • Automatic plugin updates
  • Generates complete backlink report in 48hrs – report has entire backlinks that were created for your website and can be tracked.
  • No manual work required at all. Completely newbie friendly

Watch Backlink Machine In Action Here!

backlink machine wordpress pluginBacklink Machine is an amazing tool for the creation of backlinks and it’s the easiest way to build thousands of backlinks within minutes for your websites and blogs with no manual work required at all.

It’s a must have WordPress plugin for every WP website. Why spend money on backlinks, when you can automate 90% of the work using this software and start ranking high on search engines.

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Backlink Rhino – Get Wikipedia Backlinks & Dominate Search Results

Backlink Rhino is an advanced white hat SEO backlinks tool that discovers and gets Wikipedia backlinks which are high quality, high authority and very powerful backlink opportunities for your websites, blogs and videos to dominate the search results.

Wikipedia pages appear on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERP) for most of the keywords searched, which means there’s a huge amount of free organic traffic available. Wikipedia pages dominate the search results because – Millions of web users turn to Wikipedia to get information and the content is frequently updated. Search engines like Google and Bing likes this and treats Wikipedia as a highly trusted domain authority. And this domain trust easily translates into high rankings on first page for Wikipedia pages.

Backlink Rhino – The Saas based backlink tool finds those Wikipedia pages where the domains have expired and which can be registered again. Using this long term white hat SEO backlink tool you can overcome the problem of manually searching to uncover and exploit these high authority Wikipedia links.
Backlink Rhino – Dominate Search Engines With Wikipedia Backlinks Best Features:

  • Top quality and authority Wikipedia backlinks hijacked for your own usage.
  • Absolutely pure white hat SEO techniques that works for the long term. No black hat SEO involved at all.
  • Get high quality backlinks and rank higher in search engines – Dominate the search results by getting all of your pages and videos ranked higher in Google and Youtube
  • Get a HUGE boost in targeted traffic to your websites, videos and blog pages and watch out for your sales exploding overnight
  • Not one but three solid ways to profit with this software that includes training
  • Create a long term recurring income for your business by using the software to find Wikipedia links for others and sell this as an SEO service – By charging clients for creating Wikipedia backlinks to their sites.
  • Expired domain finder tool that uncovers valuable expired domains which you can register and flip domains for fast profits.
  • 100% fully automatic without any manual intervention.
  • No SEO experience needed to work with this software
  • Fully cloud based – no need to download or install anything.

Watch Backlink Rhino Demo Video Here!

backlink rhinoStop wasting your time and hard earned money on building low quality backlinks that puts your websites at risk of a Google penalty.

Backlink Rhino is a 100% white hat SEO backlink tool and completely safe to use to get those valuable high quality Wikipedia backlinks and dominate search results with first page ranking always. What are you waiting for? Start ranking now!

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KWFinder #1 Keyword Research Analysis Software Tool

KWFinder is the #1 keyword research and analysis software tool that lets you find 100’s of long tail keywords that have high search volume in search engines and which can be optimized with less difficulty. With an easy and user-friendly interface, this incredible software tool provides you with great metrics that will be of instant help for your SEO activities. More imporantly, if you run a local business, KWFinder helps your keyword research by targeting a specific geographical region or even to a specific city anywhere worldwide and keyword research can be performed in more than 43 languages.
KWFinder Keyword Research Software Best Features:

  • Find hundreds of long tail keywords – reveals hidden gem keywords so that you can beat your competitors
  • Keywords with low SEO competition – Find keywords you can easily rank for in the search engines
  • Find exact search volumes of even close variant keywords
  • Real-time calculation of keyword SEO difficulty
  • Perform keyword research to specific country, state or even any city worldwide
  • Perform keyword research in more than 43 languages
  • Find more related keywords in any of your niche
  • Ability to import your own lists of keywords for analysis
  • Increases your reach multiple times

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kwfinder keyword research software tool
So the next time you write a blog post or for that matter any content for the web, make sure that you select the keywords with good search volume and low SEO competiton. And KWFinder is the right software tool for that.
Forget Google’s keyword planner, start using KWFinder to find the right keywords for your business and bring targeted visitors to your website. It’s currently the best keyword research and analysis software tool online.

Start Keyword Research With KWFinder Now!

Serplify Pro – Best Local SEO Software Suite

Serplify Pro is a high quality cloud based web app.  This all in one cloud app will mass build thousands of unique pages and posts full of themed content for each keyword, GEO optimize, customize, schedule and rank your websites on the first page of search engines completely on autopilot 24/7.

All you have to do is just log in, add your web domains, location points, and spintax content and Serplify Pro will do all the rest for you.

Build, Rank and Profit with Serplify Pro – the all in one best local SEO software suite that creates unique local search engine optimized pages automatically for every city and ZIP code (pre-loaded with USA and Canada cities).

It then ranks for those long tail keywords on the first page of search engines. The app has built in database that enables you to target each and every city + zip code in the country. This allows you to potentially rank on first page in each and every city of the country for multiple local keywords – this in turn could collectively easily bring in tens of thousands of daily visitors to your websites. You can then rent these websites out to local businesses in many niches with only a few clicks! All it takes is only a few minutes to set up and be done, and then you could charge thousands to each local business.

Benefits Of Using Serplify Pro For Local SEO

  • Build and Rank your full fledged, optimized websites on the first page of Google for thousands of locations.
  • You do not need to worry about writing unique content again.
  • Set and forget 24/7 complete auto-pilot system.
  • Rapid indexing of your posts and pages.
  • Automatic posting to the best and top social bookmarking sites, high PR sites for high quality link building.
  • You can set a schedule to add 100% unique and relevant content to your website on a regular basis.
  • You can target every city in the country for keywords automatically by mass GEO-Optimizing all of your pages and posts.
  • Serplify Pro adds Schema structured data markup automatically, which has proven to have crazy effects on local SEO rankings because literally almost nobody is doing this.
  • Fully cloud based – nothing to download nor install. Just login and access the app from anywhere and from any Mac, Windows system.
  • No need to pay for traffic – Get tens of thousands of free high quality targeted search engine traffic daily to your websites with little to no effort.

serplify proSerplify Pro – Click Here To Get This Amazing App Now!