Social Media Marketing Course With PLR

Social Media Marketing Course – one of the hottest topics online

If you are an online business owner and or internet marketer, you have no doubt discovered that you need a huge amount of high-quality content to keep your business thriving.

You need content for blog posts, guest blogging, newsletters, forum posts, social media sites, etc.and that’s just the tip of the content iceberg. But the real key to online success is great content when it comes to your paid products.

But there are two problems: You can’t do everything yourself and outsourcing the job can be very unreliable and also expensive.

Now you can get a complete high-quality Social Media Marketing Course with PLR, an expertly written book and professional quality video training at a “blow your mind” price.

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If you have struggled to develop a winning social media presence until now, It’ll help you create your own custom-tailored social media marketing plan, reduce the time you spend, grow your audience and quickly boost your social media related profits.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in the social media course:

THE BOOK – The book itself in Word docx format (105 pages of expertly researched and written content) It’s packed with actionable tips and strategies that your buyers will love.

THE VIDEOS – You’ll receive the high quality, pro recorded, video version of the main course. You get 10 x .MP4 format videos – run time 101 mins

Both formats are supplied to you unbranded and are ready to start selling as your own.

THE EXTRAS – Get additional course components that add extra value for buyers – ‘Goal Setting’ manual, a cool ‘Software & Tools Rolodex’ and a detailed ‘Audience Profiling’ kit.

In addition, you’ll also get:

  • Professionally written sales copy to sell your course – Use as is, or tweak to ‘nichify’ the course to your buyers
  • Unbranded sales video (no course names mentioned) pro recorded video in .MP4 format along with the sales copy/script.
  • eMail Swipes – You’ll get two attention grabbing, edutainment style email swipes to promote the course to your subscribers.

Everything’s done for you and there’s even some extra bonuses just for you 🙂

I think it’s the best Social Media Marketing course you & your future customers will have ever seen.You won’t find a better course to help you guide your customers through the often confusing world of social media marketing with private label rights like this one. Just don’t look too long, because the price will soon go up –

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Leadifly – Lead Generation Software – WordPress Plugin

Leadifly is a list building Wordpress plugin that can be used to get hundreds of real email addresses of visitors who have opted-in to your list with just 1 click. No need of complicated opt-in pages, sales copy and spending on expensive ads.

Leadifly is an all-in-one list building software that comes in handy if you’ve been looking for a solution to build your email subscriber list and increasing your opt-ins overnight. This new piece of lead generation software will transform your business, whether you’re an internet marketing expert or a newbie. If you want more email subscribers, there has never been an easier way to get real email leads than this list building WordPress plugin.

Leadifly replaces all old opt-in forms with a new up to date fool proof way of gathering real email addresses. With normal squeeze pages you need to add a opt-in form, usually that’s name and email. When users input those they are directed to the free gift or download you offer.

However the drawback here is that :

a) Most visitors input fake email addresses rather than their actual email address to claim the free gift or download.

b) For many years, squeeze pages have been around. Visitors are clever and they know that as soon as they give out their email address they are going to receive emails from you.

Leadifly, the list building software puts an end to both the above mentioned problems dead on their tracks.

a) Leadifly works with Facebook’s API , that’s completely Facebook compliant which means that you collect the visitor’s real email address – the one that the visitor uses to login to Facebook and checks it every day.

b) There is no necessity to add a form for email and name. It’s just one click of a button. This way visitors don’t view Leadifly the same way as they do with normal opt-in forms.

This means, you not only collect more email addresses but also get real email addresses. This makes it much more easier for you to market to your visitors.

It works with multiple auto-responders, so as soon as you pick up the email it goes straight across to your favorite auto-responder or you can download from the database.

Simply put, Leadifly lets you build a list of email subscribers who have opted in, without them ever having to enter their details. No need of complicated opt-in pages, sales copy and spending on expensive ads.

Leadifly Lead Generation Software Best Features:

  • All-in-one WordPress plugin that leverages the power of Facebook, the power of Automation, the power of list building and the power of Email marketing all combined into one.
  • Allows you to build up a list directly into your preferred auto-responder. Works with multiple auto-responders.
  • Send personalized pushes via Facebook directly into messenger
  • Leadifly can be displayed on any WordPress page with one of two types of trigger – button or link
  • Generate hundreds of REAL leads every day for Free
  • Uses new method – No opt-in forms and expensive PPC ads required
  • Software is newbie friendly and easy to setup. 100% Facebook compliant

Watch Leadifly List Building Software In Action Here!

leadifly list building wordpress plugin

Leadifly is a completely new software that can be used to get hundreds of real email addresses of visitors who have opted-in to your list with just 1 click. The power of this WordPress plugin is such that you can add people to your list every day and forget getting leads by using older methods which has become tougher and tougher.

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Octosuite – Social Media Network Automation Software

Octosuite is a social media network automation software that gets unlimited targeted traffic for your offers, 24/7 and without paying for ads. No need to create any content and never have to manually post to social networks again.

There’s now a new tool to magically turn any of your social media posts viral and control traffic once and for all – Octosuite. It’s the first ever social media network automation software to completely automate traffic for you.

By using Octosuite, you no longer require a social media manager since the software finds you the most viral, trending and liked content online from numerous social media networks.

It then lets you edit this content with your own calls to action, offers and then re­-post it as your own. The tool automatically posts it for you to unlimited Facebook fan pages and FB groups -­ even to groups you’re not an admin of. In addition it will let you mass join and post to Facebook groups in your niche.

As your posts go viral, you get non-­stop, targeted traffic to any offer you have going and your organic traffic reaches the roof. There is no need for you to create any content, and you will never have to manually post. This social media network automation tool does all the work for you on autopilot.

Octosuite – Social Media Management And Automation Tool Key Features and Benefits:

  • Overcomes certain key issues that cause most internet marketers to fail using Facebook
  • Get 100s of thousands of genuine, targeted and engaged Facebook fans to your sites – No need to pay a penny for traffic – all 100% free
  • Automates each and every Facebook traffic generation process. Automates the top tasks needed for viral traffic and sales
  • Tap into the 1.65 billion active Facebook users
  • Leverage the most trending viral content online for your own advantage. Have all your Facebook fanpages and groups posting the most viral, trending content instantly
  • Never struggle to find engaging content again
  • Get very high organic traffic with your viral posts
  • Never post to Facebook again manually
  • Bulk post, schedule and drip ­feed posts across your social media networks
  • Automate an entire month’s worth of content posting in a matter of seconds
  • Mass join Facebook groups in your niche
  • Post content to unlimited Facebook groups,­ even if you’re not an admin of those groups
  • Spy on your competitors so you can find out what’s working, and what isn’t, in your niche
  • No need for a social media manager
  • All in One cloud based software which is also 100% Facebook approved
  • Complete Autopilot, set and forget 24/7 system that saves hours of daily work
  • No experience or tech skills required. You’ll only need a Facebook account and any kind of offer to promote

Watch Octosuite Social Media Tool Demo Video Here!

octosuite social media toolOctosuite is a completely automated traffic and sales tool. The social media network automation software allows you to automate practically any online earning method you plug in. It drives unlimited targeted traffic for you, 24/7 and without paying for ads.

You haven’t seen anything like this automation software before. Take advantage of this automation tool now.

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SociLead Messenger – FaceBook Messenger Marketing Tool

SociLead Messenger is a Facebook messenger Live Chat plugin that allows your website visitors to instantly send and receive messages inside your website, blog or e-commerce site.

The software allows your website visitors to send and receive message instantly from inside your website, whereas previous Facebook messenger chat plugins only allows to initiate chat by visitors. This is a revolutionary and the world’s very first, most powerful and complete Facebook messenger marketing tool that can send bulk messages to your Facebook messenger leads.

You don’t even need to go back the website to continue conversation with your visitors and in-turn your visitors don’t need to go to Facebook to receive reply anymore. You can easily converse with customers and talk directly with businesses on your websites and continue those conversations across platforms and devices – web, mobile and tablets.

SociLead Messenger – Facebook Marketing Software let’s you:

  • Send bulk messages to your Facebook messenger leads with almost 100% open and delivery rate
  • Helps you build a targeted email list directly from your website
  • Auto Comment Reply And Private Reply – You don’t have to manually reply anymore. Sends auto-reply comments and private replies based on prospects responses.
  • Image, GIF, Video Comment Reply – Enables you to send image, GIF and video in your comment reply to make it more attractive and interactive. If a visitor commented to see a demo video, the software automatically replies with that video.
  • Hide or Delete Page Comment To Prevent Stealing – You don’t need to worry about your competitors stealing customers again
  • Call-To-Action Poster – A powerful tool to collect Facebook messenger lead and motivate your visitors to send you a message
  • Message Us – Button Generator – Allows you to create image button, the generated code can be embedded into your website. By clicking this button, visitors can chat using Facebook messenger to increase leads.
  • Available in these languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese And Bengali. With the chat feature available in over 67 languages – meaning you can chat directly with your website visitors in your native language.

Watch SociLead Messenger Video Demo Here!

SociLead Messenger is the world’s most complete Facebook messenger marketing tool that combines Facebook auto reply, list building, comment and interactive technology for massive engagement, traffic and sales.
This Facebook messenger marketing tool is perfect for:

  • Online business owners who want maximum engagement
  • e-commerce sellers and store owners, vendors, looking to boost sales and increase traffic
  • Brands with huge follower ship trying to respond to their thousands of followers across their Facebook Fan pages
  • Facebook Fan page owners looking to grow their pages
  • Content creators who want to build their audience base

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Make Money Using Social Media

Do you want to make money using social media? Here’s a product that outlines the exact strategy that can be used to make $7,000 in 7 days by just using social media.

This system was created by an ex-cop turned full time internet marketer. The step-by-step blueprint breaks down the entire method used to make money using social media and guides you to the exact process that was used to make $7K in seven days without having any email list, product or paid advertising.

It’s an entirely a new system that taps into a new traffic source to pump out commissions, so that you too can exactly duplicate that for yourself.

Make Money Online With Social Media Features of this brand new system:

  • New fool-proof system that taps into a new traffic source to pump out unlimited commissions for you
  • Nothing to spend for traffic
  • No need of having a product and you don’t even need an email list
  • Does not cost a penny in Ads
  • Gets Instant results – Allows anybody to generate sales and commissions every single day
  • Ready for activation in minutes
  • Nothing to do with blogging, crypto-currency, ecommerce or physical products
  • No experience required – Step-by step formula that walks you through exactly how to do even if you have no experience – 100% newbie friendly

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make money social mediaThis is a completely new system that allows you to make money using social media to drive traffic to any offer. You don’t need to have any product, you don’t need to have a list and you don’t need to spend a penny on advertising.

Download your money making blue print now by clicking the link below.

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