FanContact – Get Facebook Subscribers Automatically

Did you know that the most natural behaviour of users on Facebook is commenting? Yes, Facebook users comment on everything without even thinking twice. The just released FanContact software for Facebook automatically adds these users to your messenger list. So when somebody comments on any of your posts on any of your pages, then that person becomes a subscriber to your list automatically. So you can just imagine how soon this software can build your list and then grow that list from there.
FanContact Facebook Software let’s you:

  1. Converts Facebook commenters to subscribers automatically
  2. Ability to build Instant list and many times faster after
  3. Import all contacts from all your Facebook fan pages
  4. 100% fully interactive cloud-based software that allows you to engage and message people as much as you want
  5. Facebook Autoresponder – You can respond automatically by using autoresponder sequence or, if you need to, you can send out immediate broadcast and FanContact software will able to do that too

Watch FanContact Demo Video And See How It Works

fancontact software for facebook
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GIFbuddy Increase Social Media Engagement With GIFs

GIFbuddy is the world’s #1 Set & Forget GIF marketing solution to increase social media engagement. It uses the power of eye-catching GIFs to engage your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogs and other social media audiences in a way that’s never been done before.

There have been a number of studies conducted that shows the effectiveness of using GIFs in online marketing. Some major US companies like Dell and American Apparel have been using GIFs in their online marketing campaigns and the results they have been achieving has been amazing:

  • open rate – increase of 6%
  • click rate – increase of 42%
  • conversion rate – increase of 103%
  • revenue – increase of 109%

Now this kind of increase in conversions is possible for all of your online marketing endeavors going forward. And GIFbuddy will be your ultimate buddy in getting you these kind of results that you’re looking for. With this cloud based App, you can search up the hottest and most engaging GIFs so that your brand, company, and entrepreneurial spirit has a personality that everyone will gravitate to.
GIFBuddy Boost Social Media Engagement Top Features:

  • Nothing to create. Set & Forget system that’s completely Automated
  • Utilize the power of GIFs by searching for a keyword and then turn that into a Facebook status, Tweet, or WordPress post
  • Set up campaigns and schedule out for the next few days, weeks, or even months.
  • Add your own URLs to products or services into these attractive posts. If you don’t have your own offers, then they can even be affiliate links. Possibilities are really endless.
  • Powered by GIPHY – uses the api of GIPHY, the largest GIF database in the world. You’ll never run out of GIFs again
  • Works on any WordPress blog too! Your WP blogs will engage all visitors on Autopilot
  • Increases the conversion rates and revenues to your blogs
  • Cloud based App
  • Easy to use dashboard

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gif buddy boost social media engagementRemember that GIFs are essential to online marketing these days. You don’t need to go create these GIFs, just let this powerful App do all the work for you, by finding the GIFs with proven popularity, sharing and power to engage. So boost your social media engagement like never before, with GIFbuddy. Your engagement doesn’t really get any easier than this.

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BleuPage Pro Social Media Publishing App

BleuPage Pro is the latest social media publishing App that can post to your social media accounts, pages, groups and WordPress blogs completely on autopilot. It finds the most engaging content based on your niche and posts that content to the top social media networks like FaceBook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress blogs.

This powerful social media management software has a beautiful clutter free dashboard and is very easy to navigate. There’s no complicated learning curve involved, in fact you can start managing your social media marketing campaigns with just four clicks of the mouse.
BleuPage Pro Social Media Publishing Software Best Features:

  • Saves Time – It can take many hours daily to manage your social media accounts manually. But with Bleupage Pro, you can manage your social media campaigns within minutes each day.
  • Saves Money – No need of hiring a social media manager to handle your marketing efforts on social media networks. All you need to do is spend a few minutes per day. Saves you thousands of dollars per year.
  • Put your entire social media marketing campaign on 100% autopilot.. 24/7 and 365 days per year
  • Makes You More Money – Quite frankly, this social media publishing App is much smarter than the average human being and will get you more fans, likes, followers, traffic, leads and sales than you could ever imagine doing it on your own.
  • Creates posts with intuitive design that stands out from the rest.
  • Simple User Interface – With a clutter free graphical user interface you can easily login and “point and click” your way to social media success
  • Become a social media management expert in minutes with absolutely no learning curve unlike other services.
  • Easy and simple to use App that’s hosted on the cloud for maximum convenience

To find out more about this powerful social media publishing software and to see it in action click the link below now.

Bleupage Pro Demo Video Click Here!

BleuPage Pro
BleuPage Pro is no doubt better than all other social media management softwares out there. This social media publishing App will just blow you away…Not only does it work for you while you’re fast asleep, it’s damn easy to use too.

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GramKosh – Best Instagram Automation Software

GramKosh is a completely tried and tested Instagram automation software that’s fully cloud based. It’s a brand new innovation in the field of Instagram marketing. With Instagram being today’s social media dominator with over 500 million users, it’s one of the best sources for free traffic.

GramKosh is the only web based App that lets you automate your marketing efforts on Instagram by letting you to post (images, text and videos) and schedule as many Instagram stories for months instantly from your desktop. The software also fetches viral Instagram stories, posts which you can then leverage to get more traffic, more followers and ultimately very targeted leads to your blogs and websites.

Here’s what else the Instagram marketing software, GramKosh does for you:

It enables you to:

  • Post to your Instagram account directly from your desktop – Post Instagram stories, images, videos directly
  • Automate Instagram Stories – Schedule posts for months instantly – schedule images, videos, stories directly from your desktop without any need to keep computer or browser open
  • Schedule 30 days content in 30 minutes
  • See Live Preview inside dashboard before posting
  • Make Instagram synced ecommerce stores, affiliate sites, blogs or sites which have similar look and feel as your brand’s Instagram feed but WITH IMAGES BEING CLICKABLE
  • Overcome the limitation of putting only one link in Instagram i.e. In the Bio – Convert that one link into Multiple Links by making an InstaFeed and your promotions will never lose relevance on Instagram
  • 3 Premium custom feed layouts
  • 30 viral # tags as first comment
  • Instagram account analytics
  • Emoji integration so that your posts stands out from the rest on Instagram
  • Edit images using Photoshop like inbuilt Image Editor which lets you add filters, add text, doodles, make color corrections etc to your images.
  • Ability to put optional headline or description and Call to Action
  • Step-by-step Instagram elite training
  • Completely on AutoPilot
  • Fully cloud based software and easy to use

Watch GramKosh Instagram Automation Software In Action – Click Here!

 GramKosh For Instagram
I highly recommend you check out GramKosh software, the most advanced Instagram automation software which takes manual work out of your marketing efforts so that you can be more focussed on generating leads and sales than worrying about growing your Instagram account.

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Reach Multiply * Best Facebook Content Marketing Software

Reach Multiply is a new content marketing software for internet marketers, online entrepreneurs and offline consultants that makes you a Content Marketing Ninja. It is proven to be the best Facebook content marketing software that gives you very distinct tools and thereby explodes your reach on Facebook. With this new cloud app you can find, post, schedule and leverage high converting, traffic pulling content in just minutes. It gets everything done for you – right from content curation, planning, scheduling to posting on FB.

Reach Multiply – Powerful unrivalled features and benefits of the best automated content marketing app :

  • 100% automated Facebook content marketing software that scales up your FB business instantly.
  • Uses high quality content curation mechanism that automates posting of engaging and highly relevant content on autopilot for weeks and a month ahead! So in just one go you can schedule months worth of content using the apps powerful scheduling system.
  • Search and find content worth sharing – new way for content discovery so you get the the most viral and engaging content that draws traffic in large numbers.
  • Get upto date plus trending topics for new posts.
  • Calendar interface which shows you the visual plan for each day.
  • Get over Facebook’s imposed reach limits and explode your reach without spending anything on Facebook ads – In fact you can cut the costs of running the FB fan pages to zero thereby saving you tons of cash you would otherwise spend on expensive Facebook ads.
  • Complete management of all your Facebook pages and campaigns.
  • Supports all content formats – images, text, videos and custom links.
  • Get more leads from your Facebook page.
  • Saves you valuable time – Get a months work completed in just hours.
  • Uses a powerful notification system that notifies you in advance as to when you need to set ReachMultiply to source, syndicate and manage the content, FB pages again.
  • Post AI – Gets you the best time to post such that your content will have the maximum viral reach.

Watch ReachMultiply Facebook Content Marketing Software Video Here!

Reach Multiply

Reach Multiply is a 100% Facebook approved content marketing app. Check out this breakthrough automated app that explodes your reach on FB with free Facebook traffic and start laughing your way to the bank!

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Social Studio FX – Best Social Media Graphics Design Software

If you are looking for a social media graphics design software then Social Studio FX in my opinion is the best solution for designing and creating incredible social media graphics. Creation of graphics for social media campaigns is both time consuming and expensive. Usually, it can take anywhere from 3-5 days to produce and can cost anywhere between $300-500. You can save yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time by using this incredible tool.

Social Studio FX is unlike your typical software that takes hours together to learn or requires some complicated integrations. It’s as simple as drag, drop, and download… its that simple! This 100% cloud based tool includes thousands of done for your templates and graphics thus giving you an unlimited supply of professional quality and gorgeous social media ready graphics that you can make use of to produce some of the best social media content ever possible. You will be absolutely blown away at how integral this software is to your business.

Social Studio FX – Social media graphics creator features :

  • Create beautiful, unique SOCIAL MEDIA READY graphics with just a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes.
  • The Ultimate Done-For-You Social Media and Advertising Graphics Tool – With 200 DFY Templates, 13,200 plus Unique Designs, 180 plus Web Fonts, 8000 plus Stock images, and 6000 plus icons.
  • Be your own graphic designer and save on time, money and resources.
  • Powerful tool that can instantly generate more sales and more conversions with your social media campaigns.
  • No design experience required to use this incredible graphics design tool.
  • 100% fully cloud based graphics software.

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Social Studio Fx Social Media Graphics Design Software

So what are you waiting for? Come gain access to one of the most powerful social media graphics design software tool on the market and take full control of your advertising graphics needs.

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Social Media Marketing Agency Tai Lopez

When it comes down to implementing social media marketing to run a business, there are very few who are really knowledgeable of how social media and online marketing works. As of now, owners of many small business are searching desperately to find someone who is reliable and knowledgeable of social media and internet marketing. Make sure that ideal person these small business owners are looking for is YOU by joining Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency program.

Tai Lopez has condensed all his years of experience of hard work and research into this social media course so that you don’t have to grind it out and learn on your own. Most part of the course is taught by Tai Lopez himself who has invested millions in testing and learning social media techniques. There’s nothing comparable to this course where you also watch video modules from top experts on all social media platforms – Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube plus where you learn how to leverage this knowledge to get paid.

Join this 4-month social media marketing agency and internet marketing agency program today, if you want to:

  • Become an online entrepreneur by starting your very own virtual social media marketing agency.
  • Learn how to start a business from scratch. It does not even matter if you have very little or absolutely no online marketing or business experience.
  • Make money online in 2017, and every year after that.
  • Get your first $1,000-$10,000 a month client within the first few WEEKS of joining.
  • Enjoy your new lifestyle and all of the financial freedom it brings you.

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency program is like a blueprint or a recipe where you follow the step-by-step instructions and it guides you through the entire process and you’ll get your desired result that could positively change your life forever. Here’s a brief breakdown.. of this 4-month program:

  • Month 1 – Starting Your Business – You’ll begin with selecting your niche from the list of the best niches, forming your business company, and implementing the lessons learnt from the training module to your own business.
  • Month 2 – Mastering Social Media – You’ll become a master of internet and social media marketing by learning some of the most advanced strategies used in online marketing. You learn from the top experts in SEO, Social media copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram influencer strategies, Snapchat, YouTube and others who teach you what they know best.
  • Month 3 – Finding And Closing Clients – You’ll learn several different ways and proven methods for finding and closing clients. This will help you to start getting paid even before you have completed the entire program.
  • Month 4 – Serving Clients – Finding and closing clients may seem difficult, but the toughest part is retaining your clients. This module is about making sure you deliver what you promised your clients. You learn how to provide top-notch service to your clients – so that you can upgrade them to higher priced services later on; and, building your team, how to automate your work flow, so you have more time and freedom to enjoy your life.

So if you’re looking for a shortcut method to make money online ( YES you can make $1,000 to $10,000 per month clients within WEEKS of joining), want to learn how to build a business and start finding clients in the next 4 months, then this program is for you.

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