Leadsensationz – Get New Leads Without Cold Calling

Leadsensationz is a lead generation software with which you can get new leads in any niche without the usual headache of cold calling or manually digging the search engines.

Not only does it automates all your lead generation process, it also allows you to contact potential leads in a matter of just minutes. The software searches any area or a particular area you input in whatever niche and it lists all business establishments along with their website and contact information. Detailed website analysis is performed and an in depth report is generated for you. Using the softwares professionally written email swipes you can initiate contact with the business establishment for a proposal on how to improve their website and in turn improve their web presence.
Review of Leadsensationz – Lead Generation Software Features:

  • Nothing to download and install – Fully SaaS cloud based software
  • Generate new leads without any need for cold calling
  • Get the right leads with Leads Research
  • Start your own service agency and target clients from anywhere across the world with just a few clicks.
  • Detailed website analysis software that generates in depth reports giving you the power to close deals with prospective clients
  • Very effective email swipes that are guaranteed to help you get the deal
  • Automated lead generation process
  • Ability to export leads with one click
  • Professional and easy to use user interface

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leadsensationz new lead software
Leadsensationz software enables you to analyze any business and their website and provide detailed report on how they can improve for better website traffic and functionality.

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Email Findr – Best Email Address Finder Software

Finding the correct email address of someone you want to communicate is an extremely hard task. You may spend hours trying to find email address and still get no results. Well, not anymore because with Email Findr software you can find anybody’s email address instantly with just one click.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to contact a few potential JV partners, a hiring manager, a long lost friend from high school, some influential bloggers or journalists, owners of small businesses or the top most CEOs of some of the largest corporate’s who are hard to reach. All you gotta do is input their name and website, click a button and Email Findr will uncover for you their business or professional email address in a matter of few seconds.
Email Findr – Email Address Finder Software Best Features:

  • 1-Click solution to get anyone’s email address instantly.
  • Uncover personal email addresses and social media profiles of people you want to contact or do business with.
  • Find fresh new leads and contact info of businesses so that you can target and sell anything.
  • Perfect software tool for sales and marketing, for anyone who is looking to sell products and services online absolutely needs this email address finder software tool to find super targeted email leads in a matter of seconds.
  • Get business leads from Facebook and Google.
  • The ultimate cold email tool. It’s the 100% perfect software for cold sales and introduction emails.

Email Findr – Anyone’s Email Address Finder

email findr software email address finder
Remember that in today’s online world it can be a huge challenge to find someone’s email address. That is why Email Findr is the best email address finder software for anybody who uses this mode to communicate in their lives.

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Email Findr Pro version includes – Spam words and checker tools, Email Formatter, Extractor, Headline Generator, Ideas Generator, Verifier Tools Get EmailFindr Pro version here

FotoPress Photoshop For WordPress Plugin

FotoPress is a must have WordPress plugin which adds a Photoshop like editor to any WordPress website and finds millions of royalty free photos that can be added to your blog posts. With this plugin installed you can search and edit over 3 million images right from within the WordPress dashboard without ever leaving your WP website or spending hours together searching for images.
FotoPress WordPress Plugin Best WP image editing plugin features:

  • Adds a full image editing suite into WordPress sites
  • Search from more than 3 million images that can be used on websites.
  • Images are royalty-free sourced from 5 different stock sites
  • Complete Photoshop like editor to quickly edit images with ability to add text, add border, add shape, crop, resize
  • Add more than 100 special effects and graphics to images.
  • For advanced graphics creation, FotoPress has unlimited layers just like in Photoshop
  • Make images stand out and look cool by adding Instagram like effects
  • Image optimization for search engines and image compression
  • No need of a photo editing software to fix images

FotoPress Pro version has additional features like:

  • Royalty-free images sourced from top 10 stock image sites
  • Search from more than 10 million images
  • Ability to import or grab images from social media networks – Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Publish to social media networks
  • Add watermarks to images automatically
  • Ability to use mp4 videos, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos
  • Includes premium video player
  • Abilty to add logo on top of embedded videos
  • More than 50 animated font effects
  • More than 700 Google Fonts

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fotopress wordpress plugin
With FotoPress you never have to leave your WordPress website again looking for images nor use another photo editing software. This is a must have WP image editor plugin for any WordPress blogger. Get this now by clicking the link below:

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BuilderAll Best Internet Marketing Platform

Builderall is the best internet marketing platform for any kind of business that helps you in creating, developing, optimizing, hosting and promoting your websites and blogs all under one platform.

Creating an internet presence for your business with Builderall can be done very quickly and safely, giving you the much needed peace of mind to take care of your other business activities. You can easily capture and manage leads, discover time saving applications like floating video creators, create unlimited and professional WYSIWYG websites, membership websites and sales funnel. With this powerful internet marketing tool, you get everything integrated in one secure place.
BuilderAll Internet Marketing Platform Best Features:

  • Choose from more than 1000 templates to build web pages, websites and blogs
  • HTML 5 Drag & Drop website builder – WYSIWYG design tools
  • Responsive website and blog designs
  • Unlimited domains and unlimited sub-domains
  • Email builder and responsive email templates
  • Professional email marketing with built in list management tool and auto-responder tool
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) reporting tools to help you fine tune your websites
  • Unlimited browser push notifications to your website visitors
  • Exclusive floating videos creator tool
  • Animated videos creator tool
  • Lead capture tool
  • Easily build your own Apps with Adroid/iOS app creator tool
  • Facebook integration for apps, leads capture, video posts and auto answer
  • Websites are hosted on robust and dedicated servers integrating the latest technology with large processing capacity, storage, and advanced security.
  • White label option to buy a reseller license where you can put your name on the service and make monthly commissions from clients you build into the platform.
  • Support through chat 24/7

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Create and automate a virtual presence for your business with BuilderAll, the easiest, most complete and the best internet marketing platform available to you on the market today. Click the link below and start using this tool now!

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Push Connect Notify ~ Best Push Notification Software

Push Connect Notify is the best push notification software out there for any website, regardless of what you have – a wordpress blog, landing page, eCommerce store, or sales page. You need this brand new cloud based software because it’s the best way to capture 100% of your website visitors.

All it does is convert your regular visitors on your website to subscribers for both push notifications AND email marketing instantly. In fact, Fortune 100 companies use this on their websites and it’s the perfect solution to capture push subscribers and grab their email addresses. The other coolest thing about this incredible App is that – it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the three popular browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Check out some of the best features of this next generation website push notification App below:
Push Connect Notify – Website Push Notification App Best Features:

  1. Requires only one line of code to be pasted on your website, WordPress blog, eCommerce shop OR best use the powerful 1 click WordPress / Shopfiy integration.
  2. Captures 100% of your traffic – even email leads for you too!
  3. Build a list of push notification subscribers that you can message at any time.
  4. Integrated with the Top 8 Auto-Responders – integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane, GetResponse, Convertkit, Constant Contact, iContact, Active Campaign OR paste your own custom HTML code so you can use ANY autoresponder.
  5. Fully customizable – everything from logos, colors, buttons, the words you want to display and much more..
  6. Ability to change pop up location – left, center or right
  7. Ability to change location of badge – left or right
  8. Ability to use GIF’s
  9. Can’t be blocked by pop up blockers – Leverages the power of web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology – works with Andriod, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  10. Supports multiple languages
  11. No need of technical skills or knowledge to use this App

Go See How Push Connect Notify Works Full Demo Click Here!

pushconnectnotify push notification
Push Connect Notify is a MUST HAVE push notification tool for any serious internet marketer or website owner. It’s a game changing internet marketing tool that anyone with any type of website on the internet needs it today.

Don’t let go one of the best ways to start communicating with your potential visitors slip through your fingers. So go ahead, start the conversation by clicking the link below and turn your website visitors into buyers.

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WP Blazer – Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

WP Blazer is a vital cloud based SaaS software that allows you to manage multiple WordPress websites from one simple to use dashboard without the need to login to every single WP blog you own. This WordPress automation, management and security software controls all of your WordPress blogs and the entire process of activating, deactivating, deleting, backing up of plugins and themes are completely automated without you having to lift a finger.

WP Blazer saves you a lot time and money by keeping your multiple sites always backed up and updated.
WP Blazer WordPress Automation Software let’s you:

  1. Use One Click Updates to keep all your WordPress websites up-to- date – activate or deactivate or delete WordPress plugins and themes
  2. Secure backup protects WP sites from hackers and attacks – so you NEVER have to worry again about your websites being hacked or taken down
  3. Scheduled backups or Instant WordPress backups anytime
  4. Off-site remote backups to Amazon S3, FTP and Email
  5. Control and manage multiple WordPress websites from ONE single dashboard
  6. Create a user for ALL of your WordPress blogs in one dashboard
  7. Syndicate a post to go Live on multiple blogs all at once
  8. Manage comments across your entire WP blog network
  9. Get started in under 1 minute with no technical experience needed
  10. Saves your time while giving you the freedom to do more fun and/or productive work

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wp blazerIt’s never been this easier as WP Blazer manages all your WordPress sites from one area in 3 steps – and everything done within just MINUTES!
1 – Login to the cloud software to add your WordPress websites
2 – Manage all of them from the single dashboard area – update, add themes and plugins or just edit whatever you want
3 – Set to automatic scheduled backups

That’s it…you’re done. Your precious data is safe and you can have a complete peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to start using your WordPress automation, management and security software right Now!

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FlickGIF ~ Best Animated GIF Creator Software

FlickGIF is an animated GIF creator software that has a lot of new features for doing critical things that does not exist in any other GIF creator software.

Animated GIFs can get you amazing results but to achieve such results you need to be able to make GIFs that stand out from the rest. Hugely successful animated GIF images not only add text but also focus viewer’s attention with pan & zoom, add effect, and have animated stickers added on top. However, without the right and best software, creating such animated GIF’s is a difficult and time consuming process that could take hours to make and requires both technical or design expertise, or it could cost about $100 for creation of just a single animated GIF if it’s outsourced.

However, with the brand new and powerful FlickGIF software, it makes it super easy and fast to create animated GIF. You get fascinating, eye catching GIF’s which your audience will love, that’s perfect for product presentations, emails, viral distribution and so much more. Checkout some of the best features of this animated GIF software below:
FlickGIF Animated GIF Creator Software Best Features:

  1. The first and only GIF creator software that does critical new things that other creators don’t do at all plus it has all important features from all other GIF creators.
  2. Ken Burns effect, pan & zoom, ability to add SWF flash animated sticker or any flash animation on top of GIF
  3. Create a GIF in black & white, flip it, play in reverse, and even bounce animation playback back and forth instead of loop.
  4. Allows you to crop video & GIF within FlickGIF
  5. Create GIF’s from video and then add text, image, animated flash sticker, effect, and pan & zoom to it.
  6. Not only does it create GIF from video, but from a set of images too.
  7. Export videos in both GIF and VIDEO formats – very critical when posting to Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Does portrait, square and any custom dimension export for both GIF and Video formats
  9. Ability to import already done GIF and add all features to it – No other GIF creator does this( requires a FlickGIF Pro upgrade)
  10. GIF to looped MP4 video Converter – allows you to get already viral GIFs and convert them to looped MP4 to be uploaded to Instagram and FaceBook (requires Pro upgrade)
  11. Attract more clicks, likes, shares, pins, and tweets and gives you total advantage over your competitors
  12. Absolutely no technical or design skills are needed. You’ll be comfortable with the software within the first 15 minutes.

Watch FlickGIF Demo Now – Click Here!

flickgifSince FlickGIF allows you to use Adobe Flash animations as stickers, it provides you instant access to millions of existing flash animations in almost any niche.

All it requires is 3 steps to make amazing animated GIFs with FlickGIF software —> Import a video or set of images >> Select options >> Render and you’re done. It’s that fast and easy!

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