Channel Authority Builder – YouTube Marketing Software

YouTube Channel Authority Builder is the most powerful marketing software for YouTube ranking, traffic generation and authority building. This video marketing software manages and grows your multiple YouTube channels all from a single interface. The best YouTube automation software also automates all the repetitive tasks and makes all the data available that you need.

If you have videos on YouTube channel which is not having enough traffic to them, but you want to get 20,000+ views in a day, then check out Channel Authority Builder – the most powerful YouTube marketing software that completely automates and optimizes your video channels and builds an endless stream of YouTube profits for you without any efforts.

The software allows you to do a complete research of your niche in YouTube, including a look at your competitors, thereby enabling you to build YouTube channels for optimal authority.

If you want to grow your video marketing business to an entirely higher level bringing millions of views to your YouTube Channels, then the below listed reasons are why you need to buy Channel Authority Builder and have it in your internet marketing toolkit:

  • Helps your videos to appear on the YouTube video sidebars of popular videos, thereby getting you more traffic to your YouTube channel
  • Helps you build an attention getting and unique content driven approach to create a powerful YouTube business for yourself
  • Monitors your YouTube video rankings and your competitor’s to get a comparative analysis
  • Updates you with the latest trending tags, which increases your YouTube channel viewership tremendously by getting you hundreds of thousands and even millions of views a month
  • As videos have unlimited marketing potential, it increases your engagements and boosts your conversions and sales of products or services
  • Unlocks the most powerful traffic source on YouTube
  • Guides you on what content to create to get maximum free organic views
  • Find out the popular videos in your niche
  • Ethically hijack the credibility of top YouTube channels in your niche and leverage that by positioning your content effectively
  • Helps you understand the dynamics of successful videos, in-turn using them to boost your own YouTube channel
  • Grow and manage as many YouTube channels as you want
  • Saves you time and money, otherwise spent on wrong content and SEO that gets you no results
  • Monitors traffic performance of any video or any channel on YouTube
  • Complete automation – Set and Forget system
  • 100% safe and compliant with YouTube API
  • Runs from the desktop. No need of logging into any third-party website and share your accounts
  • There’s no other YouTube automation tool that has the biggest set of features than this.

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channel authority builderChannel Authority Builder is all you will ever need to build YouTube channel authority. This YouTube automation tool is the key to building targeted traffic and rankings, putting your videos right where you want! You can put an end to struggling profits with this power backed YouTube marketing software and strategy system.

If you have still not checked it out, now’s the time to quickly go checkout the software and build your channel authority in any of your niche right now.

Rank Higher And Build YouTube Authority With Channel Authority Builder Now!


Promoyze ~ Create Promo Videos, Ad Videos, Sales Videos

Promoyze is a new ground breaking app with which you can make full length videos such as, you can create promo videos, ad videos, and even sales videos. With this revolutionary app you can create fascinating, eye catching full length marketing videos that bring in more viewers and you start generating more leads and make more sales.

To use the app you do not need any video creation experience or technical skills at all. It allows even complete newbies to create professional full length promotional videos, advertising videos, and sales videos by simply clicking with your mouse.

Promoyze makes videos creation super easy and fast without any need for a video creator or creating it all by yourself. You get access to 100 ready made marketing video templates which allows you to make videos. You have to just select the video template that you want, click and swap content, and then let the app create the video for you.

Promoyze Video Software For Promo Videos Features:

  • Creates animated, whiteboard and motion video promos, advertising and professional sales letters in minutes.
  • Includes 100 Done For You marketing video templates that have been crafted by the best professional video creators, which allow you to make videos by simply clicking and swapping.
  • Three simple steps to make high converting marketing videos – Just Click, Swap and Render.
  • Sell video services online – With the ability to create and sell unlimited videos to clients, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of videos that you can create and sell.
  • The promo videos created by Promoyze software has the ability to grab viewer attention and then convert those viewers to buyers.
  • Completely avoids the need for a promo video designer or video creator – saving you lots of time and money.
  • Software can be downloaded and installed to your computer, so it’s not web based.
  • Get lifetime software updates.

Watch Promoyze Marketing Video Creator Demo Here!

Promoyze is the world’s most powerful, easiest to use, full length promo, advertising and marketing video creator with the highest engaging click and swap marketing video templates. Download this proven marketing video software by clicking the link below.

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Lifetime Stock Video – 4K HD Royalty Free Stock Videos

Are you paying too much for stock videos, or you never bought stock videos because of their crazy pricing? If so, then you’re going to love Lifetime Stock Video – where you pay once and use it forever while receiving new high-quality 4K videos monthly.

The prices of stock videos are shooting up because, those companies are well aware that video is the future for marketing, promotions, websites and social media and you must use them because videos help strengthen your brand and can also lead directly to sales of your products.

Lifetime Stock Video can be used in any of these various types of videos – Affiliate Review Videos, Corporate Brand Videos, Call To Action Videos, JV Partner Videos, Lead Generation Videos, Promotional Introductions, Real Estate Videos, Sales Videos, Special Offer Videos, Testimonial Videos and in many other types of videos.

Lifetime Stock Video – Royalty Free 4K & HD Video Backgrounds & Footage BEST FEATURES:

  1. Dominate the first page of YouTube search results with your high quality 4K and HD videos and beat the competition.
  2. Pay only once for unlimited access to over 1,000 4K & HD royalty free stock videos.
  3. 75 new 4K videos added every month
  4. 4K & HD stock video backgrounds and footage works with Explaindio, EasySketch Pro, VideoMaker FX, Easy VSL, VideoScribe, Camtasia Studio, Vidgeos, Powerpoint, ScreenFlow, Keynote, Apple iMovie, Windows Movie Maker
  5. All videos are available in full 4K and HD resolutions as well as multiple smaller formats to guarantee compatibility – So you need not downsize videos – 4K videos come in 6 sizes from 3840×2160 down to 426×240 and HD videos come in 4 sizes 1920×1080 down to 426×240
  6. Stock video membership site that allows you to fully search, browse and preview.
  7. Unlimited 24×7 video downloads
  8. Completely hosted in the cloud, so need to download and store 100 GB of videos files on your hard disk.
  9. Use these royalty-free stock videos not only in your projects and videos but also in your clients projects and videos

Dominate YouTube Search Ranking With Lifetime Stock Video Now!

Lifetime Stock Video purchase includes full 24×7 unlimited lifetime access to the stock video site where you can preview any video and browse or keyword search for videos you want to use.

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Viddyoze Live Action – Best Video Animation Tool

The first version of Viddyoze that was launched a couple of years ago has revolutionized video animation. With the recent release of it’s new version called Viddyoze Live Action, video animation has been taken to a whole new level.

It let’s you create animation blended with live action footage meaning, it brings together live recorded footage and 3D animation – which has never been done before! It goes way beyond what even Adobe AfterEffects can do.

And when your video rocks out with an intro like the ones you can create here with the best video animation tool – Viddyoze Live Action, your products will look incredible and your clients having watched your first video will come back for many more.

Ultimately, it’s your videos that everyone will be talking about. Just check out the link below to have a look at what this new version of the best attention grabbing software can do for you.

Viddyoze Live Action

  1. For the first time ever, you can use this software to put your logo – or your client’s logo – straight into Live Action footage. This is something absolutely NO-ONE ELSE can do. Not even AfterEffects, nor Premiere, NO-ONE.
  2. Get access to 100+ Viddyoze Live Action templates – a Massive Professional Library Of Templates which can be fully customized with your own logos, images and text to virtually guarantee that your videos stand out.
  3. With the commercial licence of the software, you can create these videos for other businesses too.
  4. Select templates from a huge variety of niches: Gyms And Swimming Baths, Restaurants And Coffee Shops, Offices, Photography, Technology and a whole set of templates you can use for any business you like.
  5. New version of the software with brand new animation engine. Creates stunning 3D motion effects which cannot be created this quickly, anywhere else.
  6. Totally tech friendly – allows you to create amazing live action animations at the click of a button.
  7. 100% cloud based and automated – avoid expensive software,and nothing to download or install.

Watch Demo Of Viddyoze Live Action Here!

viddyoze live actionViddyoze Live Action makes it possible that it’s your videos are the ones that will always stand out from the rest and get you sales. It virtually guarantees that your videos will be the ones that get you clients, begging you to do the same for them.

Frankly, there’s never been a video animation tool like this before and nothing else can produce animations that use Live Action footage like this.

Start Making Your Videos With Viddyoze Live Action Today!

Graphitii – Create Cinemagraphs In Minutes

Cinemagraphs have been recently dominating blogs, news feeds and ads and will do so for a very long time to come. The genuinely new web based software, Graphitii allows absolutely anybody to create beautiful, dynamic and stunning cinemagraphs in minutes with just a few simple clicks of your mouse buton.

These days, getting attention is everything. If you don’t have it. You lose. If you’ve got attention. You win. And if you’ve got lots of attention. You WIN BIG. That is why big brands have all been using Cinemagraphs.

Graphitii allows you to upload your own videos directly into the web App and create fully customized cinemagraphs to your liking! – thereby transforming boring videos into absolutely stunning cinemagraphs with weirdly unstoppable hypnotic effect.

Watch this 2-minute video that shows you how to make attention grabbing, profit pulling, super-hypnotic cinemagraphs which force your audience to look at them and then, once they grab that attention, they lock it down.

Watch Some Cinemagraphs Graphitii Can Produce!

Graphitii has been created to be incredibly simple and fast to use. This means absolutely anybody, regardless of technical skills, can make use of this maketing tool of the future to create beautiful cinemagraphs. This also means that you can once for all say goodbye to expensive outsourcing of your projects.

Graphitii is 100% cloud based which means that there’s no need to download or install complex software and you can access your projects from absolutely anywhere and from any device… Yes, you can access this amazing piece of software even from your mobile devices.

Graphitii – Transform Boring Videos Into Stunning Cinemagraphs Best Features:

  1. Create cinemagraphs in minutes and boost your blog’s reach, and increase social media engagement, while lowering the cost of any ads you run by almost half.
  2. No Complex Software To Download or Install. Fully Cloud Based. There’s no need of buying a fancy super-computer, there’s no need to pay for expensive software like Photoshop, it’s all in the cloud… and there’s nothing to learn.
  3. Transform Boring Videos Into Stunning Cinemagraphs.
  4. Technical Skills Not Required. Outsourcing Not Necessary.

Cinemagraphs cost a bomb to get made. Just one could set you back by $50, and that’s at the lower end. With Graphitii, the new favourite marketing tool, creating cinemagraphs and getting more attention doesn’t get any easier than this.

Start Getting More Attention With Graphitii Now!

UltraVid WordPress Plugin Create Video Sites On Autopilot

UltraVid is a premium WordPress plugin to create multiple high converting instant video sites with unique content that rank high in the search engines, gets you organic traffic, builds your list and makes more sales for you.

This incredible WP plugin builds 1-click video sites like you’ve never seen before with high quality templates, the most advanced video curator on the market and a complete responsive design. Each video CAN BE LOCKED and you can force your website visitors to sign up to your list, click on the ads or ask them to share it on social media platforms before they can view the videos. This gets you automated passive traffic.

All in all UltraVid WordPress Plugin is a complete money making system, since you can easily monetize from these videos with Amazon affiliate products, other affiliate offers or even your own products and increase your sales and profits all organically, all on complete autopilot.

UltraVid WP Plugin To Create Video Sites Best Features:

  1. Never have to create a single video yourself! Best video curator – that runs on complete autopilot.
  2. Auto-generates a complete Search engine optimization enabled video site and leverages that to get high rankings, turning your video site into a #1 ranking beast.
  3. Populates your websites with hundreds of videos and Google-friendly content – all within matter of seconds.
  4. Locks any video and asks site visitors to perform certain actions – You can “lock” each and every video and force your site visitors to share them on social media sites, click ads or sign up to your list before the videos can be viewed.
  5. 100% unique content is added below each video. This is done by curating the audio and converting it to text which helps in getting good and easy rankings.
  6. Built-in lead generation system that allows to build your list on autopilot.
  7. Drives viral traffic from social media sites.
  8. Allows you to sell any product or affiliate offer with beautiful banners and make affiliate sales.
  9. Fully integrated with Amazon.
  10. Professional stats and reporting inside the admin panel.
  11. All mobile and full responsive design.

Watch UltraVid WordPress Plugin Demo Video Here!

UltraVid wordpress plugin to create video sitesWith UltraVid WordPress plugin you can build profit making 1-Click video sites that have unique content, gets traffic, gets rankings, makes sales and builds your list all on autopilot, all using the power of videos.

Create Video Sites On Autopilot With UltraVid Now!

Vidizi – Video Marketing Software For Social Media & Advertising

Vidizi is a powerful and brand new video marketing software that allows you to create highly engaging and highly converting videos for your social media and advertising purposes in just minutes.

This drag and drop push button App creates marketing videos for you in three simple steps. This is a must have video creator App if you are planning to or running your marketing campaigns by advertising through Facebook video ads.

Facebook, the world’s largest advertising and social media platform says that 15 secs is the amount of time a visitor will watch video before deciding if it’s for them. Vidizi, the best video marketing app for social media and advertising leverages the power of videos in 15 secs formats and uses those 15 secs to deliver a powerful message that attracts visitors and gets you more sales.

Vidizi – Video Ads Creator Software Best Features:

  • Video making software that lets you create your own video ads for social media and advertising just like a professional.
  • Helps you in increasing conversions and sales, reducing your advertising costs, and maximizing engagement.
  • Allows you to create UNLIMITED number of videos
  • Create video of any length. Pre-optimized for Facebook performance at 15 secs.
  • Select from a library of professional videos shot by a Hollywood videographer and really cool audio. Ability to upload your own video or audio or use Youtube
  • 100% HD quality videos that can be exported in minutes to HD Video or GIF formats
  • Capability to customize each and every video element
  • Includes 100 exclusive DFY and ready to go templates in 13 categories that you can use for yourself or your clients
  • Easy to use proprietary software with full commercial rights to use with clients
  • Skyrocket your conversions – Currently video ads convert the best when compared with any other type of advertising. So get the best ROI from your video ads using this video marketing app
  • 100% Cloud based – nothing to install or download
  • No tech skills or experience required – user interface is newbie and tech friendly

Watch Vidizi Full Demo Video Here!

vidizi video marketing software
With Vidizi – the video creator App, creating professional video ads has never been this easy. This is a must have video marketing tool for any video marketer, social media marketer, or advertiser.

In particular, if you are running any type of ads on Facebook, then you will definitely love this video ad creation software.

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