VidStory Pro – Animation Video Templates Pack

VidStory Pro is an all in one complete bundle of high quality video packs containing tons of animation video templates, video effects, animation characters with the latest design trends that are ready to be used.

All you have to do is edit and export them and your video marketing arsenal will be ready within just minutes. Everything in this video pack bundle is already done for you and the possibilities are limitless. It’s the most user friendly and fastest video maker and you don’t need to buy expensive software any more to make your video animations.

vidstorypro animation videos
VidStory Pro – Done For You HQ Animation Video Templates Best Features:

  • Camtasia Animated Video Templates – Complete bundle package of full color, eye catching and engaging toon Camtasia animation video templates
  • HQ Character Animation Pack – complete series of animation characters that are usable for both online and offline purposes. These are compatible with video softwares that supports mov swf and gif file formats.
  • Toon Social Media Video Templates – these social media animation video templates are suitable for Insta Story, WhatsApp Story, Snapchat or for any other social media branding and promotional projects.
  • HQ Background Animation Pack – collection of ready to use incredible animated video backgrounds that can be applied easily to any animated video. These are compatible with any video software and supports various video formats
  • Robotic Animation Pack – these robotic animated characters add signature character to your videos and also transforms your videos to be much catchier and more engaging
  • Whiteboard Animation Pack – animated character that mimics the whiteboard explanation model will help you to create an explanation video that engages your audience both via visual and audio communication.
  • Smoke FX Elements Pack – bundle consists of effects that looks like particles and smoke. This not only adds magical effects to your videos, but also enhances the look of your videos.
  • Superb Colorful Transitions Pack – bundle consists of transition effect animation that adds professional effects to videos
  • Fully compatible with all the Top Graphics and Video Editors

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vidstory pro animation characters templates
VidStory Pro is for video marketers looking for the latest trends in animated videos and incredible designs where you can make your own marketing videos within only a few minutes.

Click the below link to get tons of done for you animation video templates.

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Video Chief 2.0 Best Video Marketing Resources

Are you offering video services to your clients? If Yes, then you could consider picking up Video Chief 2.0 a video membership site that includes over 800+ of the best video marketing resources.

This site has one of the biggest libraries of pre-made video marketing resources that you can get your hands on. These videos are very professional HD videos, created in professional studios by professional actors using the best cameras and microphones. The previous version of Video Chief had over 600+ done-for-you video templates, script templates, voice over templates and more in over a dozen niches. With version 2.0, they’ve made it even better by adding an additional 200 high-quality Hollywood style videos in more than 10 different niches. So now, you can get access to over 800 pre-made video marketing resources that you’ll be able to profit with instantly.

Video Chief 2.0 also includes the following in addition to pre-made videos :

  1. Over 150 Done-For-You Script Templates that allows you to customize and create your own videos without having to spend time and money for hiring a video script copywriter.
  2. Oer 150 Done-For-You Voice Over templates in case you want to add your own visuals and customize your visuals however you’d like.
  3. Over 50 Completely Done-For-You Video Training templates in case you want to get into the digital products arena, which you can easily sell as an upsell or use to build your list.
  4. Totally, there are more than 600 of these different templates that you’ll be gaining access to.

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video chief best video marketing resources
Once you gain access to Video Chief, profiting from videos has never been easier. The done for you videos that come inside of VideoChief 2.0 are absolutely stunning!

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Decinema Powerpoint Video Templates

Decinema is a huge collection of brand new spectacular cinematic visual video templates. With this video toolkit, you can create studio quality video templates which look as though they were created with complicated video softwares such as Adobe After Effect or Adobe Premiere. However the fact is, you can customize and edit these templates easily using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Therefore with Decinema you don’t require any additional software and plugin other than Powerpoint. With videos being the future of online marketing, it’s high time you captivate your audience with creative videos. No matter what your business is, Decinema is your best video toolkit for creating sales videos, Youtube channel videos, product creator videos, Facebook video ads, epic branding videos, affiliate review videos, CPA marketing videos, family videos and much more.
Decinema Video Toolkit Best Features :

  • Done For You Cinematic Visual Video Templates
  • Helps you in creating better, creative, unique and engaging videos that generates more leads and increases your sales very easily
  • Create studio quality videos using just Powerpoint in less than 10 mins without need for any advanced video editor
  • Very easy to use because you don’t require to have design or video skills.
  • Step by step video tutorial so you won’t face any difficulty while creating videos using this video toolkit.
  • Here is what you get inside
    • 8 Parallax & Cinematic Templates
    • 61 Comic Bubbles Storyboard
    • 75 Funny Emoticons Storyboard
    • 15 Infographics Storyboard
    • 18 Mockups Storyboard
    • 4 Typography Video Templates
    • 8 Product Promotion Templates
    • 10 Lower Third Video Templates
    • 4 Origami Video Templates
    • 4 Storytelling Video Templates
    • 4 Discount Promo Video Templates

Watch Decinema Demo Video Here!

Decinema powerpoint video templates
Creating studio quality videos has been never been easier with Decinema video templates – you have to see these cinematic visual videos in action to see how spectacular they are. Say goodbye to boring Powerpoint slide shows.

Create The Best Powerpoint Video Templates With Decinema Now!

Buy Decinema via the link below and unlock all the valuable bonuses listed below:

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  • Bonus #1 – 6 Commerce Video Templates
  • Bonus #2 – 6 Hot Sale Video Templates
  • Bonus #3 – 6 Best Deal Video Templates
  • Bonus #4 – 6 Viral Video Templates
  • Bonus #5 – 6 Done For You Intro Templates
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #1 – Animal and Wildlife Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #2 – Instagram Stories
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #3 – Instant Infographics Creator Pack
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #4 – The Various Graphics & Stock Photos
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #5 – More Various Stock Photos
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #6 – Great Outdoors Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #7 – Things and Stuff Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #8 – Latest Humans Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #9 – WP Image Plus
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #10 – Animated GIFs

LiveCaster * Best Live Casting Software For FaceBook YouTube

The newest rage in social media – Live Casting is taking over the world and LiveCaster, the brand new and best live casting software can really get you organic traffic from Facebook and Youtube.

Both, Facebook and YouTube are putting a huge emphasis on live videos, and they offer the largest audience. And if you are not tapping into this current trend that live videos have among social media audiences, then you are really missing out on a very huge share of organic traffic.

In fact, with this powerful livecast App you don’t have to go live to livestream an event. All you need to do is take pre-recorded videos and stream that LIVE on Facebook or YouTube with LiveCaster.
LiveCaster LIVE CASTING software allows you to:

  1. Cast pre-recorded videos as LIVE to Facebook Personal feed, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups
  2. Livecast to YouTube channels
  3. Powerful Scheduling – You can upload any video you have as live now or schedule at any time you want without being there. With just one click schedule your videos as LIVE.
  4. No need to go live to livecast an event
  5. Get more exposure and engagement for your videos as you go LIVE
  6. Cast videos directly from your computer and get best SEO results and rankings. Link up your livestream videos with trending keywords and gain higher rankings
  7. Get massive organic traffic from Facebook and Youtube
  8. Ability to cast multiple videos ( two or three videos) simultaneously
  9. Ability to select playback quality depending on your internet connection speed
  10. Supports and converts from a variety of video formats and resolutons.
  11. No complexities involved in creating and casting a live event. No need of having to face camera, rehearse, or use any other software or stream keys for Facebook. LiveCaster streams directly to Facebook without any complicated setup
  12. Desktop app. Not cloud based. Software will be up and running within 5 minutes.
  13. Easy and simple to use interface.

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livecaster livecasting software facebook youtube
LiveCaster is the best live casting software made for Facebook and YouTube. LiveStream to FB and YT simultaneously without going LIVE and with this Livestreaming app you get more traffic like never before.

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TubeRank Jeet 3 Best YouTube SEO Software

TubeRank Jeet 3 is the best selling YouTube SEO software in the world that makes sure your videos have the best title, description and tags to rank at the top of YouTube search results.

TubeRank Jeet has been the dominant YouTube ranking App since the last three years, with lot’s more features and powerful algorithm updates with each version that’s released. The newly released version 3 is the most powerful and latest version of the popular YouTube traffic software. The latest version 3.0 of the software has been updated to sync with latest changes in YouTube algo, that helps you get the #1 ranking for your niches.

You can get tons of organic search traffic from YouTube using this Apps powerful video ranking strategy and drive that traffic wherever you want. Everybody who’s on YouTube will definitely need this, and everybody who’s used it has loved it.

TubeRank Jeet 3 Youtube Video Ranking App Best Features:

  • Finds the perfect niche for you and informs what are your chances to rank for any keyword. Simply key in a keyword and you’ll know how easy or difficult it is to rank for that keyword.
  • Shows you the top ranking Youtube videos for any given niche – analyze up to 100 competitor videos
  • Get information about the audience sentiment for your target niche
  • Ability to grab data and tags from any of the Top Videos you like
  • Tells you about high value tags, medium value tags and long tail tags to rank for
  • Intelligent scoring system that gives you an optimization score and guides you on what exactly you need to do to achieve better rankings!
  • Automatic uploads to multiple accounts on Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo ( requires a pro version)
  • Automatic posting to Facebook & Twitter to get you more traffic
  • Anyone can do amazing Youtube SEO without any prior training or SEO knowledge

Watch TubeRank Jeet 3 Demo Video Here!

tuberank jeet
TubeRank Jeet 3 is a must have Youtube video optimization tool for anyone who wants to dominate organic video search traffic. It’s the best YouTube rankings and video traffic software that’s being used by thousands of professional Youtubers and video marketers today.

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Flick Dramatizer Best Video Dramatization Software

Flick Dramatizer software enables you to create amazing videos that people would want to watch and share. This real time dramatization tool turns your boring videos and images into attention grabbing monsters that brings more visitors, generates more leads, make viewers to take action and ultimately more sales with your videos.

It’s a known fact that video viewers tend to loose attention fast and drop off without intense stimulation. With this best video dramatization software you can see the power of video dramatization as it allows you to dramatize videos just like how popular YouTubers, professional viral video producers, Facebook advertisers and successful video marketers do.
With Flick Dramatizer video software you can :

  • Make amazing dramatized videos in just 3 steps – Import video, Select dramatization effects and Render video. That’s all you’re done.
  • Create fascinating video effects that makes your Youtube channel viewers keep watching!
  • Makes your Facebook video Ad stand out from the rest.
  • Comes with all the effects – intense effects, subtle effects, and video filters
  • Ability to import unlimited custom video overlays
  • Pay less for Facebook Ads – Lower your Facebook advertising cost with higher click through rates (CTR)
  • Spice up your review videos and make more commissions
  • Make your videos go viral
  • Generate more leads to your videos.
  • Run a successful Youtube channel by having your channel watched more.
  • Make ecommerce products look more attractive and sell more of them.
  • No prior design or technical knowledge required
  • Save time and money

Watch Flick Dramatizer In Action Here! Flick Dramatizer

Video dramatization requires both technical and video production expertise. Without the right software, it’s quite a difficult task and can take days to dramatize just one video. I find there is no better way than to dramatize your videos with this best new incredible software – Flick Dramatizer.

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VideoPal Review Best 2D 3D Animated Video Avatars

VideoPal is an incredible new software tool that you can use to get more leads, boost engagement, more sales and ultimately huge profits by adding unique 2D, 3D animated video avatars to your blogs, websites, landing pages and also to websites that you even don’t own – all on autopilot.

Using this futuristic technology tool, you will be able to instantly create these talking video avatars which is proven to double your lead signups and sales without putting much effort from your end. That’s not all …. Talking Video Avatars can be created in 24 different languages and 47 male + female voices making use of the world’s best Text To Speech engine.

VideoPal also comes packed with REAL LIVE human video spokesperson, or better, you can YOURSELF become a Video Pal by just shooting a video of yourself with the software doing the rest and placing YOU on any website you prefer.

The Best And Amazing Features Of VideoPal

  1. Instantly converts your websites, blogs and affiliate pages into automated sales machines, which ultimately gets you more leads, sales and profits – everything on autopilot.
  2. Create unique walking-talking 2D and 3D animated video characters that you have never seen before in just 30 seconds.
  3. Create tiny video avatars in 24 different languages plus 47 male and female voices with the best Text To Speech video software that will definitely grab the attention of any of your website visitors.
  4. Ability to add highly engaging call-to-action (CTA) buttons, optin forms, timers on top of the video avatars and watch the boost in your results and profits instantly.
  5. Convert any video having solid or green screen background into Video Avatars in just seconds and place it on your sites!
  6. Video spokespersons can be added not only to your website and blog, but to any other website and blog.
  7. Works great across all websites – WordPress, LeadPages, ClickFunnels
  8. Works on all devices including mobiles.

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VideoPal is currently the new standard for increasing your website conversions no matter what your niche or site is. Internet marketers online are raving about this incredible software tool! Get access to this cutting-edge, futuristic video software today and I guarantee your website will perform much better when you use your new Video Pals!

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