Social Media Marketing Agency Tai Lopez

When it comes down to implementing social media marketing to run a business, there are very few who are really knowledgeable of how social media and online marketing works. As of now, owners of many small business are searching desperately to find someone who is reliable and knowledgeable of social media and internet marketing. Make sure that ideal person these small business owners are looking for is YOU by joining Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency program.

Tai Lopez has condensed all his years of experience of hard work and research into this social media course so that you don’t have to grind it out and learn on your own. Most part of the course is taught by Tai Lopez himself who has invested millions in testing and learning social media techniques. There’s nothing comparable to this course where you also watch video modules from top experts on all social media platforms – Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube plus where you learn how to leverage this knowledge to get paid.

Join this 4-month social media marketing agency and internet marketing agency program today, if you want to:

  • Become an online entrepreneur by starting your very own virtual social media marketing agency.
  • Learn how to start a business from scratch. It does not even matter if you have very little or absolutely no online marketing or business experience.
  • Make money online in 2017, and every year after that.
  • Get your first $1,000-$10,000 a month client within the first few WEEKS of joining.
  • Enjoy your new lifestyle and all of the financial freedom it brings you.

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency program is like a blueprint or a recipe where you follow the step-by-step instructions and it guides you through the entire process and you’ll get your desired result that could positively change your life forever. Here’s a brief breakdown.. of this 4-month program:

  • Month 1 – Starting Your Business – You’ll begin with selecting your niche from the list of the best niches, forming your business company, and implementing the lessons learnt from the training module to your own business.
  • Month 2 – Mastering Social Media – You’ll become a master of internet and social media marketing by learning some of the most advanced strategies used in online marketing. You learn from the top experts in SEO, Social media copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram influencer strategies, Snapchat, YouTube and others who teach you what they know best.
  • Month 3 – Finding And Closing Clients – You’ll learn several different ways and proven methods for finding and closing clients. This will help you to start getting paid even before you have completed the entire program.
  • Month 4 – Serving Clients – Finding and closing clients may seem difficult, but the toughest part is retaining your clients. This module is about making sure you deliver what you promised your clients. You learn how to provide top-notch service to your clients – so that you can upgrade them to higher priced services later on; and, building your team, how to automate your work flow, so you have more time and freedom to enjoy your life.

So if you’re looking for a shortcut method to make money online ( YES you can make $1,000 to $10,000 per month clients within WEEKS of joining), want to learn how to build a business and start finding clients in the next 4 months, then this program is for you.

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Serplify Pro – Best Local SEO Software Suite

Serplify Pro is a high quality cloud based web app.  This all in one cloud app will mass build thousands of unique pages and posts full of themed content for each keyword, GEO optimize, customize, schedule and rank your websites on the first page of search engines completely on autopilot 24/7.

All you have to do is just log in, add your web domains, location points, and spintax content and Serplify Pro will do all the rest for you.

Build, Rank and Profit with Serplify Pro – the all in one best local SEO software suite that creates unique local search engine optimized pages automatically for every city and ZIP code (pre-loaded with USA and Canada cities).

It then ranks for those long tail keywords on the first page of search engines. The app has built in database that enables you to target each and every city + zip code in the country. This allows you to potentially rank on first page in each and every city of the country for multiple local keywords – this in turn could collectively easily bring in tens of thousands of daily visitors to your websites. You can then rent these websites out to local businesses in many niches with only a few clicks! All it takes is only a few minutes to set up and be done, and then you could charge thousands to each local business.

Benefits Of Using Serplify Pro For Local SEO

  • Build and Rank your full fledged, optimized websites on the first page of Google for thousands of locations.
  • You do not need to worry about writing unique content again.
  • Set and forget 24/7 complete auto-pilot system.
  • Rapid indexing of your posts and pages.
  • Automatic posting to the best and top social bookmarking sites, high PR sites for high quality link building.
  • You can set a schedule to add 100% unique and relevant content to your website on a regular basis.
  • You can target every city in the country for keywords automatically by mass GEO-Optimizing all of your pages and posts.
  • Serplify Pro adds Schema structured data markup automatically, which has proven to have crazy effects on local SEO rankings because literally almost nobody is doing this.
  • Fully cloud based – nothing to download nor install. Just login and access the app from anywhere and from any Mac, Windows system.
  • No need to pay for traffic – Get tens of thousands of free high quality targeted search engine traffic daily to your websites with little to no effort.

serplify proSerplify Pro – Click Here To Get This Amazing App Now!

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus 2 Best Video Making Software

Searching for the best video making software? Look no further than Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus 2 which is no doubt the best video making software you require for all your video marketing tasks.

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus 2 – On The Fly Video Creation Software With Superb Multi Language TEXT TO SPEECH Engine And Mind Boggling Effects With Just a Few Clicks!

You will be able to use this video creation software to create: Product Promotional Videos, Affiliate Review Videos, Stunning Image and Video Slide Shows, Spin one video file into multiple unique videos, Mass watermark videos, Add Human sound Text-To-Speech voice over and more…

Some of the best features of Video Spin Blaster Pro + 2 are :

  • Video making and video rendering in just a few clicks – Video Spin Blaster Pro software can generate videos fast (without transitions) and render long duration high def videos in a few minutes!
  • Spin your existing videos and make them unique by generating 1000’s of copies and avoid Youtube penalties.
  • Latest TEXT TO SPEECH engine! – an improved text to speech engine which supports muti languages, where you can add custom text and audio to each of your slides.
  • Mass watermark a folder of videos, using random watermarks and random placements.
  • Download copyright free images and music to add it to your videos.
  • Works with Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube and other video sites.
  • Does not require any tech knowledge to begin using this video making software.

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus 2 is the fastest video creation program. There are a lot of other amazing features of this video making software cum spinner, click the link below to check them out

Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus 2 – CLICK HERE


YT Gorilla- Best YouTube Video Marketing Tool

If you have failed at internet video marketing or have never given it a try yet, then YT Gorilla is for you! You have never seen of anything quite like this internet video marketing tool before! There are other video tools out there but nothing comes close to YT Gorilla – the best YouTube video marketing tool.

There’s no other video marketing tool like it… Only YouTube Gorilla sets such a high mark of excellence heads and shoulders above the rest. So get ready to take your YouTube video marketing to the next level and leave your competition running behind!

Features of YT Gorilla… the cloud based best YouTube video marketing tool that ROCKS!

  • Get your videos to rank sky high on YouTube search
  • Collects guarded video SEO data from winning keywords and implants them it into videos in your own video marketing campaigns. This takes your videos from ZERO rankings to HERO rankings without any hard SEO
  • You can even completely bypass video creation by instantly finding viral videos with high rankings and make huge cash using other people’s lucrative videos.
  • Create advanced website data with the click of a button ready to resell and so much more!
  • Fully cloud based – so you can use the video tool on your Mac, PC, Smartphone or Tablet  24/7 from anywhere.

YT Gorilla, has all the tools and more you’ll ever need in this one amazing video dashboard that is second to none. This is best YouTube video marketing tool that you’ve got to have in your marketing arsenal.

Click the link below now and check out the premier YouTube video marketing tool that everyone is talking about and sign in before your competitors beat you to it.

YT Gorilla – The Best YouTube Video Marketing Tool

Video Titan 3 – 6 Video Software Tools To Make Money

Introducing Video Titan 3 – the automated software tool that will change the way you look at video making and video ranking forever. This video software tool lets ANYONE make a competition crushing video in ANY niche, with just a few clicks.

Here are some true facts about making and ranking videos on your own:

Creating videos from scratch is a time consuming process, and quite frankly a pain in the ass. You are competing with 100,000 other videos just like yours… it’s so easy to get no traffic or views at all. If you’re thinking that, “there’s a better way  to do it,”  then you’re absolutely right!

Video Titan 3 includes 6 AUTOMATED video software tools that let’s you make money with videos. Here’s what you get:

  1. Custom WordPress Theme with over 50 features – DoneForYou Theme 1.0
  2. Research YOUTUBE and Create YOUTUBE AD Campaigns in seconds – discover the most profitable, most engaging keywords, niches and videos on YouTube, then create your YT PPC Ad campaigns in just seconds. – Tube Titan 3.0
  3. Video Creations made easy with 1 CLICK – create videos in seconds. Includes 50+ templates for affiliates, eCommerce, local and more – Better, faster and easier than any other video creator software out there – 1 Click Video Creator 3.0
  4. Make Video landing pages with 30 affiliate programs and pre-loaded resell right offers. In just a few clicks create video sales and optin pages for your videos – Instant Video Pages 1.0
  5. Include Clickable Images into any Video to increase your engagement, clicks and profit with YouTube ads – Tube Traffic 1.0
  6. Explode the potential profit of your videos by adding sub-title text – Video Dynamite

Plus 3 “video marketing” methods – includes training and software to dominate paid search and organic search.

Make profit with this automated video software tools that allows you to work less than ever…while making way better videos than ever before. Video Titan 3 does your job in just 2 minutes what would otherwise take you over 20 hours to do.

Video Titan 3 software not only works on desktop PCs and Apple Macs, but also is compatible with smart phones ( Android, iPhone ) and Tablets!

I think you need to checkout these six automated software tools and see what the hype is all about and to make money with videos…

video titan 3 video software toolsVideo Titan 3 – Software Tools To Make Money With Videos

X Ranker 360 – Rank Videos On Page 1 Of Google

X Ranker 360 is a powerful web based app with guaranteed video rankings on the first page of Google SERP.

It doesn’t really matter if you are into – affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, local marketing , video marketing, building lists, have an eCommerce store or you sell your own products. XRanker 360 can rank your videos on page 1 of Google within 48 hours or less thereby enabling you to receive targeted traffic to to your videos.

X Ranker 360 – Click Here To Watch Demo Of This Powerful Web App

A majority of video marketers do follow the below given process to rank their videos :

  1. Choose a few keywords
  2. Video is created for these keywords
  3. Video is uploaded and optimized
  4. Backlinks are built
  5. Watch and wait to see if that video ranks at the top

However, after waiting for 15-20 days of wasted time and energy by following the above typical strategy they ulimately GIVE UP and are never able to get their videos ranked at the top.

This software app makes it possible to rank your videos at the top of the search engines using the following proven strategy :

  • X Ranker 360 has one of the most powerful keyword research tool that automatically finds out which keywords will rank your videos on page 1 of Google so that you may only focus on the keywords that are true winners and just neglect those keywords that don’t rank.
  • The app leverages on YouTube Live Events – a new and powerful LIVE video standard that YouTube uses in the area of Live Video Streaming – something similar to Facebook Live.
  • So, X Ranker 360 has built-in technology that creates a YouTube LIVE EVENT. Simultaneously, the software creates a public URL that has the power to rank your videos on page 1 of Google without any further action from your end.
  • The software system sends an alert notification when your YouTube Live Stream appears on page 1 of Google SERP.
  • Once keyword research has been done to determine which keywords can rank well, you can choose which of your videos you’d like to add to the Live Video Stream.
  • Additionally you can crush your competition by having the videos automatically syndicated with the softwares proprietary syndication system.

This way X Ranker 360 will enable to rank your videos on page 1 of google and start getting target traffic for your keywords and ultimately the much needed sales from the search engine.