GIFbuddy Increase Social Media Engagement With GIFs

GIFbuddy is the world’s #1 Set & Forget GIF marketing solution to increase social media engagement. It uses the power of eye-catching GIFs to engage your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogs and other social media audiences in a way that’s never been done before.

There have been a number of studies conducted that shows the effectiveness of using GIFs in online marketing. Some major US companies like Dell and American Apparel have been using GIFs in their online marketing campaigns and the results they have been achieving has been amazing:

  • open rate – increase of 6%
  • click rate – increase of 42%
  • conversion rate – increase of 103%
  • revenue – increase of 109%

Now this kind of increase in conversions is possible for all of your online marketing endeavors going forward. And GIFbuddy will be your ultimate buddy in getting you these kind of results that you’re looking for. With this cloud based App, you can search up the hottest and most engaging GIFs so that your brand, company, and entrepreneurial spirit has a personality that everyone will gravitate to.
GIFBuddy Boost Social Media Engagement Top Features:

  • Nothing to create. Set & Forget system that’s completely Automated
  • Utilize the power of GIFs by searching for a keyword and then turn that into a Facebook status, Tweet, or WordPress post
  • Set up campaigns and schedule out for the next few days, weeks, or even months.
  • Add your own URLs to products or services into these attractive posts. If you don’t have your own offers, then they can even be affiliate links. Possibilities are really endless.
  • Powered by GIPHY – uses the api of GIPHY, the largest GIF database in the world. You’ll never run out of GIFs again
  • Works on any WordPress blog too! Your WP blogs will engage all visitors on Autopilot
  • Increases the conversion rates and revenues to your blogs
  • Cloud based App
  • Easy to use dashboard

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gif buddy boost social media engagementRemember that GIFs are essential to online marketing these days. You don’t need to go create these GIFs, just let this powerful App do all the work for you, by finding the GIFs with proven popularity, sharing and power to engage. So boost your social media engagement like never before, with GIFbuddy. Your engagement doesn’t really get any easier than this.

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DataJeo Data Analysis Software

DataJeo is the ultimate data analysis software that uncovers a wealth of information that includes true buyers for your products, whatever be your business. It drives and maximizes online results for your business. This software program will identify and layout for you exactly who your target market is and how to reach them… every time.

Frankly, nobody does research because it sucks. It takes too much of your time and also costs too much money. But no longer, because with DataJeo all you have to do is input a keyword and click a button. Every data is laid out and ready for you to analyze, all in one dashboard like:

  • Who your target customers are…
  • Where they hangout when online…
  • The best possible way to reach them…
  • What are they searching for…and what they liked…
  • What social channels they subscribe to…
  • And even what Ads they click on!

DataJeo Data Analysis Program let’s you:

  • Literally uncovers true buyers for any product in just minutes. You could pick from any niche market and instantly find the buyers of that product over and over again in just minutes.
  • Program will show you exactly how to reach people – even down to which Youtube channels they subscribe to and Facebook groups they hang out online
  • Start outsmarting your competition by uncovering and using insider secrets, strategies and dirty tricks used by your competition to stay at the top of your business
  • Reduce risk in practically every business decision you make
  • Uncover new clients and untapped growth opportunities
  • Find the best traffic sources – referral traffic, organic traffic, social traffic and use them to grow your business
  • Expand your reach and find new audiences
  • Aggregates data from Alexa, Similarweb and Adbeat into one package.
  • Boosts your online business ROI like magic

Watch DataJeo Demo Video Here!

data jeo
Make DataJeo the most important piece of data analysis software in your online marketing toolkit from this day forward and watch your online business take a massive climb upwards.

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BuilderAll Best Internet Marketing Platform

Builderall is the best internet marketing platform for any kind of business that helps you in creating, developing, optimizing, hosting and promoting your websites and blogs all under one platform.

Creating an internet presence for your business with Builderall can be done very quickly and safely, giving you the much needed peace of mind to take care of your other business activities. You can easily capture and manage leads, discover time saving applications like floating video creators, create unlimited and professional WYSIWYG websites, membership websites and sales funnel. With this powerful internet marketing tool, you get everything integrated in one secure place.
BuilderAll Internet Marketing Platform Best Features:

  • Choose from more than 1000 templates to build web pages, websites and blogs
  • HTML 5 Drag & Drop website builder – WYSIWYG design tools
  • Responsive website and blog designs
  • Unlimited domains and unlimited sub-domains
  • Email builder and responsive email templates
  • Professional email marketing with built in list management tool and auto-responder tool
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) reporting tools to help you fine tune your websites
  • Unlimited browser push notifications to your website visitors
  • Exclusive floating videos creator tool
  • Animated videos creator tool
  • Lead capture tool
  • Easily build your own Apps with Adroid/iOS app creator tool
  • Facebook integration for apps, leads capture, video posts and auto answer
  • Websites are hosted on robust and dedicated servers integrating the latest technology with large processing capacity, storage, and advanced security.
  • White label option to buy a reseller license where you can put your name on the service and make monthly commissions from clients you build into the platform.
  • Support through chat 24/7

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Create and automate a virtual presence for your business with BuilderAll, the easiest, most complete and the best internet marketing platform available to you on the market today. Click the link below and start using this tool now!

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Vyco Pro ~ Best Way To Make Videos Go Viral

Vyco Pro is the best viral traffic and engagement suite on the market. This brand new all in one cloud based software is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The powerful App will change the way you get traffic to your content, as it mass searches, discovers and extracts the most trending viral content from the top social media video sites like Daily Motion, Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube within a few clicks. It’s the best way to make videos go viral and get millions of views to your videos.
Vyco Pro Video Traffic Software Best Features:

  • Never worry about creating content again
  • Discover what’s currently trending or discover any viral content based on your keyword input and the app does the rest for you
  • Discovers videos, content within just seconds and allows you to use that content to increase engagement, leads and sales without any effort
  • Allows you to get unlimited amount of traffic 24/7
  • Get targeted visitors to the offer you want
  • Allows you to build huge lists and make more sales
  • Make 4-5 figures income monthly with micro viral campaigns. You won’t find an easier way to make money online from social media traffic
  • Completeley on autopilot, Set and Forget system
  • Fully cloud based – Nothing to download or install
  • Step by step training that will walk you through exactly how you can utilize the video traffic software in the best way possible
  • Nothing on the market even comes near to what Vyco Pro does
  • No technical experience or skills required do this

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Vyco Pro Viral Videos
Manually it would take you days just to find the specific viral content and you would have to spend a lot of time researching through various social media sites, and there’s no way to extract the viral content you need.
I’ve never seen anything as powerful and incredible as Vyco Pro, that will allow you to get targeted traffic. Just imagine getting massive amounts of visitors to ANY offer you want on demand and generating huge profits over and over again.

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Azon Profit Builder * Build Amazon Affiliate Sites In 43 secs

Want to build an Amazon affiliate site real fast? Then you need to try out Azon Profit Builder right now and start earning thousands of dollars in commission. Thousands of internet marketers and affiliates are making huge passive income by just creating these simple, build and forget Amazon affiliate sites.

Azon Profit Builder is a fully automated Amazon Affiliate website builder that comes along with lifetime hosting for unlimited websites so you don’t have to shell out extra to buy web hosting to build all your sites. Not just that, you can add unlimited products to your Amazon websites, every single day.

Checkout below some of the best features of this Amazon site builder App that can create your money making affiliate sites in just 43 secs.
Azon Profit Builder Best Features:

  • 100% Autopilot, Set & Forget posting system – Unlimited products can be added to every website everyday.
  • 100% newbie friendly – includes 2 Premium themes that’s customizable, grid-style, clean-looking themes
  • Lifetime Hosting – Nothing to download, upload nor install – everything completely done online
  • Search Amazon products by ASINs or Keywords
  • Products can be added from entire categories and subcategories
  • Schedule posts for later or publish them immediately
  • Make more sales using Custom CTA buttons
  • Auto-import 100s of Amazon customer reviews
  • Ability to customize post templates and content structure
  • Supports 10 different Amazon websites for Worldwide sales
  • Build your brand by adding your own domain
  • Automatic SEO of posts
  • Automatic products and prices that updates every 24 hours
  • Automatic creation of legal pages and affiliate disclaimers as required by Amazon

Watch How You Can Launch An Amazon Affiliate Website In Just 43 Secs

azonprofitbuilder amazon affiliate sites

If you’re a newbie, then building these sites is cumbersome as it requires technical skills – such as buying web hosting, themes, plugins and much more…and the entire process to launch the site can take days or even weeks to finish. With Azon Profit Builder you’ll see how easy, simple and QUICK it is to build these Amazon affiliate sites.

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Push Connect Notify ~ Best Push Notification Software

Push Connect Notify is the best push notification software out there for any website, regardless of what you have – a wordpress blog, landing page, eCommerce store, or sales page. You need this brand new cloud based software because it’s the best way to capture 100% of your website visitors.

All it does is convert your regular visitors on your website to subscribers for both push notifications AND email marketing instantly. In fact, Fortune 100 companies use this on their websites and it’s the perfect solution to capture push subscribers and grab their email addresses. The other coolest thing about this incredible App is that – it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the three popular browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Check out some of the best features of this next generation website push notification App below:
Push Connect Notify – Website Push Notification App Best Features:

  1. Requires only one line of code to be pasted on your website, WordPress blog, eCommerce shop OR best use the powerful 1 click WordPress / Shopfiy integration.
  2. Captures 100% of your traffic – even email leads for you too!
  3. Build a list of push notification subscribers that you can message at any time.
  4. Integrated with the Top 8 Auto-Responders – integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane, GetResponse, Convertkit, Constant Contact, iContact, Active Campaign OR paste your own custom HTML code so you can use ANY autoresponder.
  5. Fully customizable – everything from logos, colors, buttons, the words you want to display and much more..
  6. Ability to change pop up location – left, center or right
  7. Ability to change location of badge – left or right
  8. Ability to use GIF’s
  9. Can’t be blocked by pop up blockers – Leverages the power of web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology – works with Andriod, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  10. Supports multiple languages
  11. No need of technical skills or knowledge to use this App

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pushconnectnotify push notification
Push Connect Notify is a MUST HAVE push notification tool for any serious internet marketer or website owner. It’s a game changing internet marketing tool that anyone with any type of website on the internet needs it today.

Don’t let go one of the best ways to start communicating with your potential visitors slip through your fingers. So go ahead, start the conversation by clicking the link below and turn your website visitors into buyers.

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KWFinder #1 Keyword Research Analysis Software Tool

KWFinder is the #1 keyword research and analysis software tool that lets you find 100’s of long tail keywords that have high search volume in search engines and which can be optimized with less difficulty. With an easy and user-friendly interface, this incredible software tool provides you with great metrics that will be of instant help for your SEO activities. More imporantly, if you run a local business, KWFinder helps your keyword research by targeting a specific geographical region or even to a specific city anywhere worldwide and keyword research can be performed in more than 43 languages.
KWFinder Keyword Research Software Best Features:

  • Find hundreds of long tail keywords – reveals hidden gem keywords so that you can beat your competitors
  • Keywords with low SEO competition – Find keywords you can easily rank for in the search engines
  • Find exact search volumes of even close variant keywords
  • Real-time calculation of keyword SEO difficulty
  • Perform keyword research to specific country, state or even any city worldwide
  • Perform keyword research in more than 43 languages
  • Find more related keywords in any of your niche
  • Ability to import your own lists of keywords for analysis
  • Increases your reach multiple times

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kwfinder keyword research software tool
So the next time you write a blog post or for that matter any content for the web, make sure that you select the keywords with good search volume and low SEO competiton. And KWFinder is the right software tool for that.
Forget Google’s keyword planner, start using KWFinder to find the right keywords for your business and bring targeted visitors to your website. It’s currently the best keyword research and analysis software tool online.

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