Decinema Powerpoint Video Templates

Decinema is a huge collection of brand new spectacular cinematic visual video templates. With this video toolkit, you can create studio quality video templates which look as though they were created with complicated video softwares such as Adobe After Effect or Adobe Premiere. However the fact is, you can customize and edit these templates easily using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Therefore with Decinema you don’t require any additional software and plugin other than Powerpoint. With videos being the future of online marketing, it’s high time you captivate your audience with creative videos. No matter what your business is, Decinema is your best video toolkit for creating sales videos, Youtube channel videos, product creator videos, Facebook video ads, epic branding videos, affiliate review videos, CPA marketing videos, family videos and much more.
Decinema Video Toolkit Best Features :

  • Done For You Cinematic Visual Video Templates
  • Helps you in creating better, creative, unique and engaging videos that generates more leads and increases your sales very easily
  • Create studio quality videos using just Powerpoint in less than 10 mins without need for any advanced video editor
  • Very easy to use because you don’t require to have design or video skills.
  • Step by step video tutorial so you won’t face any difficulty while creating videos using this video toolkit.
  • Here is what you get inside
    • 8 Parallax & Cinematic Templates
    • 61 Comic Bubbles Storyboard
    • 75 Funny Emoticons Storyboard
    • 15 Infographics Storyboard
    • 18 Mockups Storyboard
    • 4 Typography Video Templates
    • 8 Product Promotion Templates
    • 10 Lower Third Video Templates
    • 4 Origami Video Templates
    • 4 Storytelling Video Templates
    • 4 Discount Promo Video Templates

Watch Decinema Demo Video Here!

Decinema powerpoint video templates
Creating studio quality videos has been never been easier with Decinema video templates – you have to see these cinematic visual videos in action to see how spectacular they are. Say goodbye to boring Powerpoint slide shows.

Create The Best Powerpoint Video Templates With Decinema Now!

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  • Bonus #1 – 6 Commerce Video Templates
  • Bonus #2 – 6 Hot Sale Video Templates
  • Bonus #3 – 6 Best Deal Video Templates
  • Bonus #4 – 6 Viral Video Templates
  • Bonus #5 – 6 Done For You Intro Templates
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #1 – Animal and Wildlife Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #2 – Instagram Stories
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #3 – Instant Infographics Creator Pack
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #4 – The Various Graphics & Stock Photos
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #5 – More Various Stock Photos
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #6 – Great Outdoors Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #7 – Things and Stuff Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #8 – Latest Humans Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #9 – WP Image Plus
  • Exclusive OTO Bonus #10 – Animated GIFs

Leadsensationz – Get New Leads Without Cold Calling

Leadsensationz is a lead generation software with which you can get new leads in any niche without the usual headache of cold calling or manually digging the search engines.

Not only does it automates all your lead generation process, it also allows you to contact potential leads in a matter of just minutes. The software searches any area or a particular area you input in whatever niche and it lists all business establishments along with their website and contact information. Detailed website analysis is performed and an in depth report is generated for you. Using the softwares professionally written email swipes you can initiate contact with the business establishment for a proposal on how to improve their website and in turn improve their web presence.
Review of Leadsensationz – Lead Generation Software Features:

  • Nothing to download and install – Fully SaaS cloud based software
  • Generate new leads without any need for cold calling
  • Get the right leads with Leads Research
  • Start your own service agency and target clients from anywhere across the world with just a few clicks.
  • Detailed website analysis software that generates in depth reports giving you the power to close deals with prospective clients
  • Very effective email swipes that are guaranteed to help you get the deal
  • Automated lead generation process
  • Ability to export leads with one click
  • Professional and easy to use user interface

See Leadsensationz Software In Action – Click Here

leadsensationz new lead software
Leadsensationz software enables you to analyze any business and their website and provide detailed report on how they can improve for better website traffic and functionality.

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Viral Traffic Software – VIRALOO – Get Traffic Instantly

Web traffic is the most important and crucial component for the success of any internet marketer. It’s very difficult to generate viral traffic whenever you need it and usually it takes a lot of time and effort.

VIRALOO is a viral traffic software with which you’ll be able to get traffic instantly, whatever be the niche, with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just imagine being able to share a simple page and then begin generating free viral traffic within minutes, completely on autopilot.

That’s what Viraloo does for you. It literally forces people to share your content online, which makes it go live within an instant. That means you’ll be able to start generating instant traffic to any niche with this automated software.

Viraloo – Viral Traffic Software Best Features:

  1. Generate endless amounts of viral traffic at absolutely no cost within minutes
  2. Generate free viral traffic and make money online
  3. Software also includes a Real Life Case Study and Video Training
  4. Stop worrying for not being able to generate traffic – Best solution for all your web traffic problems
  5. Since most of us are busy and don’t have free time, it’s always better to look for new ideas to Automate your online business. And this software does it for you on complete autopilot
  6. 100% newbie friendly

Watch How Viral Traffic Software Works Here!

viraloo viral traffic software
Viraloo – buy this viral traffic software and solve ALL of your traffic problems. Get this amazing viral traffic software + video training + real life case study. Click the link below to get started.

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FanContact – Get Facebook Subscribers Automatically

Did you know that the most natural behaviour of users on Facebook is commenting? Yes, Facebook users comment on everything without even thinking twice. The just released FanContact software for Facebook automatically adds these users to your messenger list. So when somebody comments on any of your posts on any of your pages, then that person becomes a subscriber to your list automatically. So you can just imagine how soon this software can build your list and then grow that list from there.
FanContact Facebook Software let’s you:

  1. Converts Facebook commenters to subscribers automatically
  2. Ability to build Instant list and many times faster after
  3. Import all contacts from all your Facebook fanpages
  4. 100% fully interactive cloud-based software that allows you to engage and message people as much as you want
  5. Facebook Autoresponder – You can respond automatically by using autoresponder sequence or, if you need to, you can send out immediate broadcast and FanContact software will able to do that too

Watch FanContact Demo Video And See How It Works

fancontact software for facebook
Leverage the power of FanContact software tool by increasing engagement, getting more leads and ultimately getting more sales. Click the link below to buy this software now!

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Email Findr – Best Email Address Finder Software

Finding the correct email address of someone you want to communicate is an extremely hard task. You may spend hours trying to find email address and still get no results. Well, not anymore because with Email Findr software you can find anybody’s email address instantly with just one click.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to contact a few potential JV partners, a hiring manager, a long lost friend from high school, some influential bloggers or journalists, owners of small businesses or the top most CEOs of some of the largest corporate’s who are hard to reach. All you gotta do is input their name and website, click a button and Email Findr will uncover for you their business or professional email address in a matter of few seconds.
Email Findr – Email Address Finder Software Best Features:

  • 1-Click solution to get anyone’s email address instantly.
  • Uncover personal email addresses and social media profiles of people you want to contact or do business with.
  • Find fresh new leads and contact info of businesses so that you can target and sell anything.
  • Perfect software tool for sales and marketing, for anyone who is looking to sell products and services online absolutely needs this email address finder software tool to find super targeted email leads in a matter of seconds.
  • Get business leads from Facebook and Google.
  • The ultimate cold email tool. It’s the 100% perfect software for cold sales and introduction emails.

Email Findr – Anyone’s Email Address Finder

email findr software email address finder
Remember that in today’s online world it can be a huge challenge to find someone‚Äôs email address. That is why Email Findr is the best email address finder software for anybody who uses this mode to communicate in their lives.

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Email Findr Pro version includes – Spam words and checker tools, Email Formatter, Extractor, Headline Generator, Ideas Generator, Verifier Tools Get EmailFindr Pro version here

LiveCaster * Best Live Casting Software For FaceBook YouTube

The newest rage in social media – Live Casting is taking over the world and LiveCaster, the brand new and best live casting software can really get you organic traffic from Facebook and YouTube.

Both, Facebook and YouTube are putting a huge emphasis on live videos, and they offer the largest audience. And if you are not tapping into this current trend that live videos have among social media audiences, then you are really missing out on a very huge share of organic traffic.

In fact, with this powerful livecast App you don’t have to go live to livestream an event. All you need to do is take prerecorded videos and stream that LIVE on Facebook or YouTube with LiveCaster.
LiveCaster LIVE CASTING software allows you to:

  1. Cast pre-recorded videos as LIVE to Facebook Personal feed, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups
  2. Livecast to YouTube channels
  3. Powerful Scheduling – You can upload any video you have as live now or schedule at any time you want without being there. With just one click schedule your videos as LIVE.
  4. No need to go live to livecast an event
  5. Get more exposure and engagement for your videos as you go LIVE
  6. Cast videos directly from your computer and get best SEO results and rankings. Link up your livestream videos with trending keywords and gain higher rankings
  7. Get massive organic traffic from Facebook and YouTube
  8. Ability to cast multiple videos ( two or three videos) simultaneously
  9. Ability to select playback quality depending on your internet connection speed
  10. Supports and converts from a variety of video formats and resolutions.
  11. No complexities involved in creating and casting a live event. No need of having to face camera, rehearse, or use any other software or stream keys for Facebook. LiveCaster streams directly to Facebook without any complicated setup
  12. Desktop app. Not cloud based. Software will be up and running within 5 minutes.
  13. Easy and simple to use interface.

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livecaster livecasting software facebook youtube
LiveCaster is the best live casting software made for Facebook and YouTube. LiveStream to FB and YT simultaneously without going LIVE and with this Livestreaming app you get more traffic like never before.

Start Getting Traffic With LiveCaster Now!

FotoPress Photoshop For WordPress Plugin

FotoPress is a must have WordPress plugin which adds a Photoshop like editor to any WordPress website and finds millions of royalty free photos that can be added to your blog posts. With this plugin installed you can search and edit over 3 million images right from within the WordPress dashboard without ever leaving your WP website or spending hours together searching for images.
FotoPress WordPress Plugin Best WP image editing plugin features:

  • Adds a full image editing suite into WordPress sites
  • Search from more than 3 million images that can be used on websites.
  • Images are royalty-free sourced from 5 different stock sites
  • Complete Photoshop like editor to quickly edit images with ability to add text, add border, add shape, crop, resize
  • Add more than 100 special effects and graphics to images.
  • For advanced graphics creation, FotoPress has unlimited layers just like in Photoshop
  • Make images stand out and look cool by adding Instagram like effects
  • Image optimization for search engines and image compression
  • No need of a photo editing software to fix images

FotoPress Pro version has additional features like:

  • Royalty-free images sourced from top 10 stock image sites
  • Search from more than 10 million images
  • Ability to import or grab images from social media networks – Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Publish to social media networks
  • Add watermarks to images automatically
  • Ability to use mp4 videos, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos
  • Includes premium video player
  • Abilty to add logo on top of embedded videos
  • More than 50 animated font effects
  • More than 700 Google Fonts

Watch FotoPress Image Editor In Action – Click Here!

fotopress wordpress plugin
With FotoPress you never have to leave your WordPress website again looking for images nor use another photo editing software. This is a must have WP image editor plugin for any WordPress blogger. Get this now by clicking the link below:

Get FotoPress Now – The Photoshop For WordPress